How to Host a Bridal Shower Tea Party {Featured Bride, Amanda S.}

How to Host a Bridal Shower Tea Party {Featured Bride, Amanda S.}
She’s married to a prince, has gorgeous hair, and an impeccable sense of style; what’s not to want? If Kate Middleton is your style icon, I’ve got the perfect bridal shower theme for you. Tell whoever has volunteered to host your shower (in my case, it was my sister and mother) that you’d like to have a bridal shower tea party with Kate Middleton hats and fascinators! Tea parties aren’t a new idea for a bridal shower theme, as my sister was able to find quite a few invitation options online. But here are a few ways to make your tea party unique.

kate middleton hats

Top it off with Kate Middleton hats.

If you’re stuck on where to purchase your hat or headpiece, or you want to direct your shower guests where to purchase theirs, here are a few ideas:
  • The Wedding Shoppe, of course!
  • Chapel Hats at the Mall of America
  • Etsy
  • Department store
  • Vintage shops
Look online to see which hats Kate Middleton has worn throughout her stylish years, as well as iconic photos from the royal wedding! Choose from feathers, flowers, bows, or buttons— she’s done it all!

Tasty treats for your bridal shower tea party.

Now on to the party! To accommodate everyone’s taste we purchased three different types of tea bags and just poured the hot water in everyone’s cup. We had sugar cubes, honey, cream, and lemon slices available for people to fix their tea how they liked. Aside from tea, what else could you serve at a tea party? We had three types of finger sandwiches, egg salad, chicken salad, and smoked salmon with cream cheese. Other popular finger sandwiches are cucumber, ham and mustard, seafood salad, or anything you like, really! We also had homemade scones and an assortment of pastries from the grocery store. Before opening gifts, we also did a toast with champagne/Prosecco.

Shall we play bride BINGO, darling?

The games! There are so many to choose from but my sister and mom narrowed things down to just two. We played ‘What’s in Your Bag?’ and ‘BRIDE’, get it? Instead of BINGO! For ‘What’s In Your Bag?’ everyone is given a list of 15 items each worth 1 point, and 5 bonus items each worth 2 points. Party attendees go through their personal bags and try to gather the items on the list. The person who gets the most points wins a prize. Items on the list can include gum, a business card, a nail file, a piece of jewelry, and other common things you might carry in your purse. For bride BINGO, cards were changed slightly to say BRIDE, but we played with the same rules. I’ve also seen a version in which guests are tasked to create their own cards and write presents the bride may receive in each square. Then you mark them off as she opens gifts.

bridal shower tea party

It’s tea time!

Above is a photo of how the shower was set up. The table was set simply with the plates, silverware, and champagne flutes purchased from Sam’s Club. There were bud vases in the middle filled with grocery store flowers picked out the night before. You could go to your local farmer’s market for décor, too! My mom had a few teacups and the rest were borrowed from friends. Tables, chairs, and linens were rented from a local party company. Alright, are you ready to channel your inner Duchess Catherine? Put on your gorgeous hat, put that pinky finger up, and enjoy your tea party. Share your own bridal shower ideas in a comment below!

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