Forever Classic 2012 Wedding Trends: Grecian Wedding Gowns

Forever Classic 2012 Wedding Trends: Grecian Wedding Gowns
Every bride wants to look and feel like a goddess on her wedding day, which is just one of the many reasons why Grecian wedding gowns are one of our favorite 2012 wedding trends.

Unveil your inner goddess: Grecian wedding gowns.

Eden Bridal Gown SL030 So, why do we think Grecian wedding dresses are one of best 2012 wedding trends? The silhouette of Greek wedding dresses drapes beautifully, hiding any figure flaws, and giving you a very statuesque, elegant look. And just like vintage-style wedding dresses, Greek style wedding dresses are a "fashion trend" that has already stood the test of time. So, when you don a fabulous Grecian wedding gown on your wedding day, you know it's a choice that you will always be glad you made.

Grecian wedding dresses at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

The following are some of our favorite now-and-forever fabulous Grecian wedding gowns at Wedding Shoppe, Inc. San Patrick Bridal Gown Hacine   After Six Bridal Gown 1034 Eden Bridal Gown SL042

Greek style wedding dresses under $1000.

Looking like a Grecian goddess in your wedding gown does not mean you have to spend money like the gods (the Greek gods probably spent a ton of money, right?). All of the bridal gowns featured in this post are under $2000 - after all, Wedding Shoppe, Inc. is known for our amazing selection of affordable bridal gowns, and we are very proud to have been voted the bridal boutique with the best bridal gowns on a budget. (You can see more Wedding Shoppe, Inc. awards in our online "trophy case.") Because we want to make sure that we accommodate wedding budgets of any amount, we have selected some of our most fabulous Grecian wedding dresses under $1000, to make finding the bridal gown of your dreams that much easier.

Grecian wedding dresses: Mori Lee 6724

Venus Bridal Gown PA9053

Voyage by Mori Lee Bridal Gown 6724

More Grecian wedding gown styles:

At Wedding Shoppe, Inc., we have a huge selection of bridal gowns, so naturally, we have a lot more Grecian wedding gown styles in our online bridal boutique than we could fit into this post. (It broke our hearts, because Grecian wedding gowns have such a classic, timeless style, and we really wanted to feature them all!) The following are a few more (ok, kind of a lot more) Grecian wedding dresses that we absolutely adore, and think you will, too! Oh, and before we forget, remember that gowns in the style of Greek wedding dresses almost always feature a sheath wedding dress silhouette (although, there certainly are bridal gowns in other silhouettes that borrow some of the classic design attributes of Greek wedding dresses). So, if you would like to shop our huge selection yourself, your best bet for finding Greek style wedding dresses would be to start your search with our collection of sheath wedding dresses. More Grecian Wedding Dresses Under $1000: Bari Jay Bridal Gown 2007 Venus Bridal Gown PA9907 Venus Bridal Gown PA9026 Bari Jay Bridal Gown 2031 Bari Jay Bridal Gown 2038 Venus Bridal Gown VN6805 Venus Bridal Gown PA9111 Venus Bridal Gown PA9112 Venus Bridal Gown AT6584 Venus Bridal Gown AT6582 White One Bridal Gown Nuage


I have really been looking forward to writing this post on the amazing style of Greek wedding dresses, one of my favorite 2012 wedding trends, because I think it's such a fabulous style - a style that has quite obviously stood the test of time. I mean, when a style has lasted thousands of years and still manages to look fashion-forward, you know you have a real winner; and you can rest assured you will love your wedding photos forever and ever. I hope you love the Grecian wedding gown styles featured here as much as I do! xoxo, Wedding Shoppe Inc. blogger, Debra K. P.S. - I would love to hear what you think of these Greek style wedding dresses - please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment space below!


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