Free Printable Wedding Invitations from the Wedding Shoppe!

Free Printable Wedding Invitations from the Wedding Shoppe!
We love our jobs here at the Shoppe, no doubt about it. Like any career, there are stressful and hard days, but those are overshadowed by all the fun things we get to do and all the beaming smiles we get to see. Designing free printable wedding invitations to use with a Hortense B. Hewitt box set is definitely on the top of our list of fun!

Free printable wedding invitations

You CAN print your own wedding invitations.

Home printers have improved by leaps and bounds since the bubble jet robots of the 90s. Customizing a wedding invite template and printing it on your home laptop and printer is easier than it sounds. We carry several print your own wedding invitations boxed sets on that will take the stress and worry out of paper choice, cutting, and construction of your invitations.

Free printable wedding invitations

To demonstrate, we chose the Hortense B. Hewitt classic black and white pocket invitation kit. We loved the simple black outlined paper and ribbon accent; it allowed for us to have the most fun with our design! If you do not want to design your own template, the kit does come with a few classic designs to customize with your information.

Creating a wedding invite template.

There are a lot of amazing wedding invitation and RSVP card templates and ideas out there right now. You will be able to choose a design that best fits you and your future spouse, but why not take the design process into your own hands? Just because wedding invitations used to be written in calligraphy by hand and have thirty-seven pieces to bundle together doesn’t mean yours have to. Less is more when you use a wedding invite template.
Free printable wedding invitations Free printable wedding invitations

We have a present for you: Free printable wedding invitations!

You didn’t think we would design these cute invitations and not let you customize them for yourself, did you? Because Laura’s wedding is fictitious at this point (fingers crossed) we want someone to be able to enjoy the fun chevron pattern and chic mint and coral color combination. Please keep in mind these print your own wedding invitations templates are the specific size for the Hortense B. Hewitt kit, although you will be able to resize them. One note: You WILL want to run a few test pages first to make sure your alignment is right. Click the links below and just right-click in order to save the image to your computer. They are really easy to import into Microsoft Word and customize from there. Download Blank Invitation Template Download Blank RSVP Template We’d love to see how you use our wedding invite template! Laura might even change the colors a bit and use it for a bridal shower in a few weeks. Oh, and if you’re confused about how to construct your wedding invitations, we’re going to go over that next week: same place, same time. We’ve got your back!

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