Four Universally Flattering Colors for your ‘Maids with After Six Bridesmaid Dresses.

Four Universally Flattering Colors for your ‘Maids with After Six Bridesmaid Dresses.
Each bride has a different idea of what color they want for their bridesmaids. Regardless of whether or not you want one of the most popular colors for bridesmaids or something more unique, you certainly want your bridesmaids to really shine. So, if you’re overwhelmed by color options, consider choosing one of our four color recommendations. They’re universally flattering on each of your gals and cute to boot!

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What are the most popular colors for bridesmaids dresses?

According to Real Simple, four universally flattering clothing colors are Eggplant, True Red, Indian Teal, and Mellow Rose. Sounds fancy, right? Each of these colors is either in a neutral place on the color-wheel or an opposite color of our skin tone which makes them very flattering. After Six bridesmaid dresses are just the right color and style!

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Two of the most popular colors for bridesmaids you may have not thought about yet are True Red and Indian Teal. To use the After Six bridesmaid dresses lingo, Flame or Oasis. We've got a rainbow of hues for you to choose from!>>

Give your girls the confidence to stop traffic by picking red bridesmaid dresses.

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Designer Bill Blass once said, “When in doubt, wear read.” Flame or red bridesmaid dresses will bring a touch of old Hollywood glamour, sophistication and fiery spunk  to your wedding theme. Plus, almost any flower or accent color you choose with blend well because of where red resides on the color-wheel. Just like the little black dress, a little red bridesmaid dress, that you can wear again, is a great addition to any girl’s closet.

Not feeling red? What about a teal bridesmaid dress?

An Indian teal bridesmaid dress (or After Six’s Oasis) will flatter your bridesmaids because it is the color-wheel opposite of pink, which will play up the healthy flush in their skin. It’s also a great color to wear again because of its easy transition from summer to fall. If you choose a teal bridesmaid dress, you will still have immense freedom in your flower and accent color choice. Just imagine how stunning deep red roses would look next to a teal bridesmaid dress… sigh, gorgeous. Take a look at what Real Simple has to say about these four universally flattering colors and decide if one of the most popular colors for bridesmaids is right for your upcoming wedding. Even if you don’t decide on Red, Teal, Eggplant, or Rose, After Six bridesmaid dresses have tons of great styles to offer.

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