Reuse and Re-Love Flower Girl Baskets and Attire

Reuse and Re-Love Flower Girl Baskets and Attire
Every wedding has that pretty girl who sometimes steals the spotlight: the flower girl! There is nothing more adorable than the flower girl stumbling down the aisle, drowning in tulle, and spreading plenty of charm along with her petals. If it’s your little girl who’s stealing the show, you want to save that image forever. Not only should the memories be cherished, but there are also ways to reuse and save your pretty flower girl dresses and flower girl baskets. This week on My Wedding Chat, we’ll give you some tips on reusing and re-loving your little girl’s wedding look. flower girl baskets

A-tisket, a-tasket, reuse your flower girl baskets!

Once those little girls walk down the aisle in their pretty flower girl dresses (and steal every heart in the room!), the empty baskets get tossed aside and forgotten. We have plenty of ways to reuse those baskets so that your little girl can remember her special day for years to come. You can use flower girl baskets to hold ribbons and hair bows, or fill them with faux flowers and display them in their rooms. If you’re a bride, fill your flower girl baskets with small presents and give them to your little ladies as thank you gifts! You can also reuse them for home décor, Easter baskets, or picnic baskets. Think outside the box (or, in this case, the basket), and the options are endless.

Restyle pretty flower girl dresses into children’s formal wear.

We never want our little girls to grow up, especially since we wish they could wear their pretty flower girl dresses forever! There are many ways to restyle flower girl attire into children’s formal wear for every occasion. Flower girl attire that’s white or ivory can be used for upcoming religious celebrations, like First Communions or later-life baptisms. You can also host a tea party for your little lady or a themed birthday party, and let her re-wear her special dress. Whether you’re in need of children’s formal wear or an adorable costume, pretty flower girl dresses can be re-styled for your special occasion.
 pretty flower girl dresses  children's formal wear

Save your flower girl baskets and attire to save the memories.

Whether you choose to reuse, restyle, or preserve your flower girl attire, you are saving memories by saving these special items. One day, that little flower girl may get married herself, and wouldn’t it be special for her future flower girl to spread petals and love with the same, cherished basket?  We certainly think so.

How have you reused your flower girl baskets and attire? Share your creative ideas in a comment below!

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May 16, 2019 07:28

These ideas are so great! I think keeping old flower girl dresses and baskets to reuse is such a good idea. Old things do have a tendency to come back into style too.

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