Eloping: Why Everyone Should Consider It | Pros and Cons

Eloping: Why Everyone Should Consider It | Pros and Cons
Some girls spend their entire lives dreaming of the perfect white lace bridal gown that they’ll don in front of all of their loved ones while toasting signature cocktails and dancing the night away to a live jazz band. Other girls….don’t. If there’s one thing that any bride-to-be can tell you, it’s that planning a wedding is no joke: There are dresses to buy, desserts to taste, colors to coordinate, and mothers-in-law to please. Does your high school friend get a plus one? How are you going to accommodate your aunt’s dietary restrictions? Should you risk it and get hitched outside in November? Guys, it’s a lot. We get it. You just want something simple, low-key, and relaxing. Enter: eloping. This perfect under-the-radar option has long appealed to brides- and grooms-to-be that are hoping to say “I do” in an intimate and romantic setting. To help you decide if that’s the right path for you and your fiancé, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to consider when planning your big (or small) day! groom kissing bride on the forhead

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Eloping: Why Everyone Should Consider It


Budget friendly

Regardless of how extravagant you make your elopement, it’s almost sure to be cheaper than a regular wedding, which leaves room in the budget for trip-planning and house-buying! So if you’re more about the honeymoon and less about the nuptials, then eloping might be the perfect fit for you.

No rules!

Throw your wedding planner out the window—you’re making the rules! Want to wear a blue dress and sip on a cocktail mid-ceremony? Go for it, girl! bride and groom walking and holding hands

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VIP Guest list

If you can’t imagine getting married without your best friends and family by your side, then don’t worry! You don’t have to. One of the major pros about eloping is making your guest list as small or large as you want. Keep in mind that some people might not want to spend the money to jet off to your destination location, but those who are closest to you are sure to make the trip.

Less stress!

Eloping is the perfect way to ease into your marriage. Wedding planning can put a lot of stress on future newlyweds, so keeping your celebration low-key will eliminate some of the hassle and arguments that come along with the planning process.


No, your fifth cousin twice removed doesn’t need to watch the most intimate moment of your life. Elopement is perfect for couples that don’t like the idea of 300 people watching them say their vows.

Destination location

Consider it an extended honeymoon! Jet off to a luxurious destination location to say your “I do’s.” Take it somewhere tropical for a breezy beach ceremony, or channel your inner adventurer and get hitched mountainside! destination beach wedding

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300 people. You’ll be drowning in gifts. Need I say more?


Limited guest list

With less people invited, you’ll have fewer friends and family to share in your special day with you. While there are a number of positives to inviting fewer people, it may feel isolating to not have some of your besties by your side. bride and groom

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Less of a party

If you love planning massive parties and being the center of attention, then eloping might not be for you. You only get to throw one extravagant wedding, after all!

Creating disappointment

Inevitably, those who aren’t invited to your intimate soiree might be hurt or disappointed. Be sensitive to the feelings of your family and friends as you consider who makes the cut onto the guest list.


If the pros outweigh the cons, here are a few tips to consider to ease the elopement planning process:

Breaking the news

The first, and arguably most difficult, part of eloping is breaking it to your family. You aren’t the only one who has dreamt about this day, so be sensitive to their feelings when you take to the plate to tell them about your decision. Technically, eloping means to run off and secretly get hitched without telling your family or friends. However, it’s probably a good idea to let them know what you’re planning—and maybe even invite them to attend. Letting them know beforehand will allow them to feel like they’re still in on your big day, even if they can’t be there to witness it.

Consider having an intimate event to celebrate

Getting married is a huge milestone in your life, and it’s totally worth celebrating! Invite your family and closest friends to a brunch, cocktail party, or at-home dinner celebration to acknowledge your commitment to one another. It doesn’t have to be anything off-the-wall fancy for your loved-ones to feel appreciated! bride and groom kissing

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Who should be invited?

If you’re veering away from the standard don’t-invite-anyone elopement, then you’re going to need to write up a guest list! The best part about eloping? You can invite as few—or as many!—people as you want. Just want your parents there? Go for it! Want to throw on your siblings and longtime best friends? The more the merrier! However, if you’re not planning on inviting close loved ones, like grandparents or siblings, make sure to be sensitive to their feelings and give them the chance to toast to your nuptials by going out to brunch or having them over for evening cocktails.

Making plans

While eloping eliminates much of the wedding planning to-do list, there are still things to be done and people to talk to. Logistics like what to wear, what to eat, who will photograph your nuptials, and where you’ll stay are common must-dos when planning any event. Luckily, you can really do whatever you want! Keep in mind that wedding dresses still take 4-6 months to arrive and hotels in popular locations book up months out, so some planning might be in the books for any destination location ceremony. bride and groom

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Later-day reception

I know, I know, you’re eloping to not plan a big party. But some brides and grooms are opting to plan a bigger get-together after they elope to celebrate their commitment to one another. Get the gang together for a mimosa-filled brunch or a backyard barbeque to toast to your matrimony, or plan a fun cocktail soiree complete with hors d’oeuvres and swoon-worthy desserts! Which route are you and your fiancé planning to take to tie the knot? Let us know in the comments below!

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May 16, 2019 08:56

We are going to elope to Scotland and have a couple of parties when we get back, one for family with kids and one with our friends.

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