2012 Wedding Trends We Love: Corset Style Wedding Dresses (Part I)

2012 Wedding Trends We Love: Corset Style Wedding Dresses (Part I)
A super-hot trend in bridal gowns right now?

Corset style wedding dresses.

The style of corset wedding dresses is so fabulously versatile; a corset bodice can be seamlessly incorporated into the design of any bridal gown, no matter what its silhouette, whether you want a corset ball gown wedding dress, a sleek corset wedding dress, or any style in between. But perhaps the best thing about a corset bodice wedding dress, is the fact that this style looks great on just about everybody! (In fact, a corset wedding gown looks good on everybody - no exceptions!)

Corset Style Wedding DressesCorset Wedding Dresses, from left to right: Allure Couture Bridal Gown C206, Allure Bridal Gown 8904 San Patrick Bridal Gown Raissa

About the fabulous corset bodice wedding dress:

Corset wedding gowns are great, because they hold you in and smooth out all of your curves. Even if you already love your figure (you lucky lady!), a corset bodice wedding dress will further perfect your feminine figure. The corset boning in the bodice of a corset wedding gown provides structural support that comfortably holds you in place - helping you attain the highly-coveted hourglass figure. The corset boning may be subtle, almost completely undetectable, as it is in the styles featured in this post, or it may be a bold part of the dress' design. No matter which style personally suits you best, corsets are undeniably fabulous. We should all be glad that the corsets of modern corset wedding gowns are no longer made with whale bones, like they were back in "olden times". We can only imagine that having a bunch of whale bones poking around inside one's garments must have been terribly uncomfortable - even bordering on incredibly painful. Today, the material that makes up the boning that gives structure to the bodices of corset wedding dresses is much more whale-friendly, and much more comfortable, usually made from various types of plastic.

Corset wedding gowns.

Alfred Angelo corset dress with pickups

This lovely Alfred Angelo corset dress with pickups is a fabulous choice for brides searching for corset wedding dresses with voluminous fabric detailing throughout the skirt.

Allure sleek corset wedding dress 8916

There is a to-die-for selection of wedding dresses with corsets among the collection of Allure bridal gowns at Wedding Shoppe Inc., and this gown, Allure 8916, with its gorgeous covered buttons dotting the entire length of the back of this gown, is a simply stunning, sleek corset wedding dress.

Mori Lee corset ball gown wedding dress 1819

Looking for fairy tale bridal gowns? If so, Mori Lee 1819 is one incredible style - with the perfect amount of "princess".

Allure corset bodice wedding dress 8904

Another fabulous corset wedding gown from our collection of Allure bridal gowns.

corset wedding dresses with straps

This San Patrick corset bodice wedding dress is a totally unique style - the corset bodice adds a distinctive twist to its flowing sheath silhouette, and it even has straps! Statuesque and chic, you will look like a goddess on your wedding day. We love it! The dresses featured within this post are just a small sampling of the beautiful styles of wedding dresses with corsets, available here, at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

A few more gowns we think you will absolutely adore:

San Patrick Bridal Dresses: Style Riona San Patrick Bridal Dresses: Style Raissa Allure Couture Bridal Gown C206 Coco Anais Bridal Gown AN104 Of course, there are still even more corset style wedding dresses at Wedding Shoppe, Inc. You can shop our amazing selection of bridal gowns online and in-store, at Wedding Shoppe, Inc. With our huge selection, you are sure to find the perfect corset bodice wedding dress for you! Let us know what you think about the corset bodice wedding dress in the comments below! And, as always, if you have any questions about the bridal gowns featured in this post, want help finding a specific style, or need any other wedding planning advice, shoot us an email, at blog@weddingshoppeinc.com. PS: Keep your eyes peeled for more posts on corset wedding gown styles!


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