Wedding Jewelry for Bridesmaids: Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Jewelry Set!

Many brides opt for buying wedding jewelry for bridesmaids, not only to solve the problem of what to give their bridesmaids as a “thank you” gift, but also to give them something coordinating to wear at the wedding. The great thing about this is that you can opt for all of the bridesmaids to match, or you can tailor each girl’s jewelry to her own personal style!

Jewelry for bridesmaids

Choosing wedding bridesmaid jewelry is easy.

Most brides want to choose bridesmaid dresses that each girl can wear again after the wedding, and jewelry is no different. Your girls will appreciate you choosing jewelry that is tasteful and re-wearable. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite pieces of jewelry, at varying price points, to give you some ideas for your ‘maids!

Affordable bridesmaid jewelry set $20 and under.

Since we know that most weddings revolve around the “B” word (budget), we know that brides love to be able to save money. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to find cute wedding bridesmaid jewelry. Choosing an affordable bridesmaid jewelry set $20 and under is easy with these classic, timeless options:
  • Cathy’s Concepts pearl wedding jewelry S9618SW
  • Cathy’s Concepts pearl wedding jewelry S1008SW
If a bridesmaid jewelry set is not your speed, consider buying individual pieces. This is also helpful if you want to buy something different for each girl. Check out more jewelry under $20:

Jewelry for bridesmaids

Unique wedding jewelry for bridesmaids.

Maybe you’re a bridesmaid who is looking for your own jewelry for the wedding. There are some fantastic jewelry pieces available that could easily be worn again after the wedding. Classic looks like pearls, rhinestones, and chandelier earrings in neutral colors are super versatile, for dressier events or even with jeans! Here are some of our favorite individual pieces:

Jewelry for bridesmaids




We hope you’ve gotten some ideas for wedding bridesmaid jewelry. What will your ladies wear on your big day? Other posts we think you’ll love: From Lace Bridal Shoes to Wedge Bridal Shoes: How's a Bride to Choose? Top it off Right: Bridal Veils and Hats for the Wedding Only at the Wedding Shoppe: Kennedy Blue Bridesmaids Dresses!

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