Top it off Right: Bridal Veils and Hats for the Wedding

Top it off Right: Bridal Veils and Hats for the Wedding
The tradition of the bridal veil goes way back. While many brides today choose to go the traditional route with the veil of their choosing, some of you more daring gals may consider wearing a wedding hat. This is completely a matter of personal preference, so there’s no right or wrong answer! With our information on both veils and hats for the wedding, we’d love to help you make your decision.

Complete your look: Wedding hats and veils.

With any wedding accessory, it's important to keep in mind your overall look when choosing your veil or hat. This is key to creating a cohesive wedding day ensemble, and will help you make decisions about which accessories will look best. Check out all of our amazing accessories to find your perfect look!>>

Where to begin with wedding veil types...

Veil lengths are pretty straightforward, since their names are usually taken from where they fall on the body (elbow-length, fingertip-length, etc.). Their length often corresponds with their “wow” factor as well; so, the longer the veil, the more dramatic and formal the look. (Here is a really informative article on types of bridal veils, for even more background information.) Veil lengths are generally named as follows (from shortest to longest--click on the name to read more about it in our Wedding Encyclopedia): Fingertip-length veils are the most popular length, most likely because of their versatility. Not too long and not too short, these beauties provide just the right amount of drama, and can be worn high or low on the head.

Shop more fingertip-length veils.

Hats for the wedding: not just for royalty!

With the rise in popularity of vintage fashion, and the still heavy-handed influence of Will and Kate’s royal wedding, wedding hats are back with a vengeance! (Read more information about bridal hats and their history here.) Styles range from conservative to quirky, and we love every last one. A wedding hat would be perfect for the daring, vintage-inspired bride who wants to have a little fun with her look.

More of our favorite wedding hats: Which of these lovely toppers will you wear on your wedding day? Are you still undecided? Shop our entire collection of veils, hats, and headpieces, as well as all of our wedding shoes and accessories, for even more inspiration. If you have a question, drop us a line!

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