Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games

Hosting a bridal shower is a fun way for you to show the bride how much you care for her and share your excitement in her big day.  Taking place usually two months prior to the wedding day, a bridal shower gathers close family members and friends often to play bridal shower games, open gifts and take the bride’s mind off of wedding planning for a brief moment. Deciding on which games to play during the bridal shower is a creative task for you as the bridal shower host and allows you to set the tone for the entire shower.  There are funny games and serious games, and even a few that might make your grandmother blush.  My Wedding Chat would like to give you a few options for bridal shower games that are sure to provide a good time for everyone that attends.

Get creative!

One of the most popular games played at bridal showers everywhere is the toilet-paper wedding dress game.  Guests are divided into teams consisting of at least two people and no more than five, with one being the model.  Give each team a roll of toilet paper or two and have them fashion a wedding dress out of the toilet paper.  The teams are allowed five minutes to make the best wedding dress they can and when the time is up, the bride gets to judge the dress she believes is the most beautiful.

Test the bride's knowledge.

Another fun bridal shower game is one where you test the bride to see how well she knows her groom.  Before the shower, ask the groom a series of questions about him or their relationship, such as what his favorite food is, where they went on their first date, and so on.  At the shower, ask the bride the same questions and see how many she can get right.  This allows the guests to get to know the couple a little bit more and usually provides for entertainment as the answers may not always match up!

Bridal bingo.

Bridal shower bingo is a great way for every guest to be involved in the gift opening process.  Bingo cards should be created before the shower where the spaces should be filled with gifts that the bride may receive.  Once the bride has opened a gift that appears on the card, the guests are to mark their cards as they would in regular bingo play.  The first guest to shout, “Bingo,” wins a prize.  Check out this version offered online at Wedding Shoppe Inc. that is sure to provide a good time!

Test the guest.

Testing to see how observant guests are is always a fun game at bridal showers.  To do this, have the bride pass out sheets of paper and leave the room.  Once she is out of sight, ask the guests questions about her attire and personal appearance.  For example, ask how many rings she is wearing, what color her hair is, or if she is wearing flats or high heels.  Once you have asked a series of questions, have the bride reappear to correctly answer the questions and award the most observant guest with a prize, as she answered the most questions correctly.

Sweeten it up.

Depending on the theme of the shower you are going for, the recipe game may be a fun option.  While sending out the shower invitations to the guests, include a blank recipe card asking them to fill it out with a favorite dessert recipe.  When they come to the shower, they are to bring the recipe card and a sampling of the dessert for the bride to try.  The bride will try each of the desserts and honor a guest with the ‘best tasting dessert.’  Not only does this provide tasty treats for the shower but many recipes for the bride to ‘sweeten up’ her marriage.

Dressing in the dark.

Lastly, another favorite game at informal bridal showers everywhere is one where the bride has to get dressed blindfolded.  As a host, bring a suitcase full of random articles of clothing, such as garden gloves, a flannel nightie, and a floppy hat.  Blindfold the bride and allow her two to three minutes to dress with no help from guests.  Once she is finished, have her remove her blindfold and smile for the wonderful photo opportunity. Although there are many others out there, these games are sure to provide the most fun for guests of all ages.   As a bridal shower host, you have the opportunity to show your creative side.  Honor your bride by throwing a fun and original shower; one that she and her guests will remember for years to come.

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