Bridal Party Duties: The Do's & Don'ts of the Wedding Party

Bridal Party Duties: The Do's and Don'ts

You have been chosen to celebrate a couple's big day by being a part of the wedding party. Now what? Being a member of the bridal party is exciting, special and important.  If you have never been a part of a wedding party before, it can even be a little intimidating.  However, whether you're a pro bridal party member or a rookie, if you follow this guideline you'll be the best wedding party member a bride and groom could ask for! So for all of you future maids of honor, bridesmaids, best men, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, and parents of the bride and groom- here is your bridal party duties guideline:

Maid of Honor Duties & Responsibilities:

DO: Support the bride & all of her crazy emotions on her wedding day and the events leading up to it. DON'T: Let the bride's crazy emotions make you go crazy, too. DO: Help the bride shop for her dream wedding dress. DON''T: Dress the bride in what you want her to wear. DO: Assist the bride in choosing bridesmaid dresses and making fitting appointments. DON'T: Choose bridesmaid dresses that won't flatter each bridesmaid's individual figure & budget. DO: Take the initiative to host the bridal shower. DON'T: Overdue it. DO: Be there for the bride when she needs you - hold her bouquet, adjust her train and veil, & stand next to her during the ceremony. DON'T: Get carried away and bother the bride on her big day. DO: Offer a toast at the reception. DON'T: Bring up stories from your crazy college spring break trip. DO: Socialize with the family & friends at the reception. DON'T: Drink too much & make a fool of yourself in front of the family & friends.

Bridesmaid Duties & Responsibilities:

DO: Offer to run errands & help the bride whenever needed. DON'T: Complain when all you're doing is running errands & helping. DO: Assist the bride with DIY projects like favors, decorations, or invitations. DON'T: Surprise the bride with 500 different DIY invitations. DO: Help plan & host the bridal shower & bachelorette party. DON'T: Forget to include the groom's female family members. DO: Pretend you love your bridesmaid dress - even if you don't. DON'T: Secretly change the order at the bridal salon. DO: Care for the flower girl and ring bearer before the ceremony. DON'T: Let the flower girl & ring bearer take all your attention away from the bride. DO: Have fun & smile. DON'T: Act like you're at a college kegger.

Flower Girl Duties & Responsibilities:

DO: Cover the aisle with flowers for a beautiful path ahead of the bride. DON'T: Forget to actually throw the flowers.

Ring Bearer Duties & Responsibilities:

DO: Carry the symbolic rings on the pillow. DON'T: Loose them.

Best Man Duties & Responsibilities:

DO: Provide emotional tough-guy support for the groom. DON'T: Try to convince the groom not to getting married - on his wedding day. DO: Help arrange transportation  for the wedding party. DON'T: Drink & drive. DO: Plan an unforgettable bachelor party. DON'T: Get the groom in trouble with his bride-to-be at his unforgettable bachelor party. DO: Make the first toast at the ceremony. DON'T: Ramble on & on.

Groomsmen  Duties & Responsibilities:

DO: Assist the Best Man with errands on the wedding day. DON'T: Forget to complete crucial tasks. DO: Participate in bachelor parties and rehearsal dinners. DON'T: Bring up the groom's old girlfriends. DO: Socialize with the bridesmaids and guests. DON'T: Let yourself get too sloppy.

Parents of the Bride and Groom Duties & Responsibilities:

DO: Assist your children with making the guest list. DON'T: Invite everyone you know - and their grandparents. DO: Toast the couple at the rehearsal dinner or reception. DON'T: Get too sappy & detailed. DO: Dance with the bride and groom after their first dance. DON'T: Embarrass the newlyweds with your dance moves from "way back when." Wedding party duties and responsibilities are simple and typically easily accomplished.  Follow these dos and don'ts and you'll be sure to have a fun and successful experience. Dare to be the best bridal party member ever!

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