Why You'll Love Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

Why You'll Love Boho Bridesmaid Dresses
I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of rustic weddings. Ceremony and reception in a repurposed barn? I’m there. Mason jars, twinkle lights, and an adorable outdoor reception in a field? Yes please. I especially love being in the bridal party for these types of weddings, because wearing the unique and boho bridesmaid dresses is so fun! Playing with textures, different fabrics, styles, and colors are all fair game when you choose to go boho, which is perfect for those free-spirited personalities. I could write novels about the massively trendy bohemian weddings, but for now I’ll limit things to just the bridesmaid dresses. Read on for general styles to look for, what exactly bohemian means, and so much more.

Why You'll Love Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

bohemian bridesmaid dresses

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For some, the word boho means something specific; but for others, the word and all it entails might leave them scratching their heads. What exactly, then, is a bohemian bridesmaid dress? Flowing fabrics, layers, draping, sheer and lace textiles, unique patterns, and unexpected silhouettes and necklines are all common elements and good starting points if you’re deciding whether a dress is bohemian or not. Boho chic bridesmaid dresses have an effortless, airy, and unique quality to them, regardless of the specific color and fabric type. Does this sound vague? Well, it intentionally is so, because it varies between different people. Embrace the lack of a specific definition, because this means you have even more freedom in choosing the specific bridal party look.

1. Flattering Silhouettes

In general, look for looser silhouettes, like an A-line with a blousy top, or a sheath silhouette with slight draping or even a loose layer of fabric over the bodice. Or anything in between! Lengths can range from floor length to knee length, and necklines can be anything as well – strapless, off the shoulder sleeves, cutout shoulders with blousy sleeves, halter, spaghetti straps… you get the idea, right? The options are endless.

2. Perfect for Mix and Match

One of the reasons boho wedding dresses are so popular right now is the sense of freedom that surrounds them – both on the big day and during the process of choosing them. The options are literally endless! Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are also very trendy at the moment, which goes hand in hand with the rustic style of an indie wedding. For example, pick out a hue or a color palette and have your girls find their own dresses in those colors. What really makes the look come together is the mixed and matched style – so even if the dresses are all in the same color, have your girls wear different styles in terms of neckline, skirt length, and silhouette so that personalities are highlighted. boho bridesmaids

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3. Gorgeous Colors

Even though the whole bohemian vibe calls up images of gauzy and light-colored fabrics – I’m thinking pastels, grays and beiges, and blush – that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from vibrant or dark colors. Jewel tones can be especially striking in cooler months, and it can be fun to play with different textures of fabrics (like velvet!) to create a unique look. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Just like you can mix a variety of different fabric types and colors when creating the bridal party look, you shouldn’t hesitate to mix bold and colorful patterns together. If you are afraid of clashing, have one or two colors that appear throughout the dresses. However, sometimes the most dissonant patterns can look great together. Don’t be afraid to try! Plus, if your girls are picking out their own dresses, allowing them patterns and a variety of different colors will save them – and you – lots of stress and headaches during shopping expeditions.

4. Tasteful Designs

In addition, boho doesn’t have to mean casual. Go for dresses with sequins and metallic beading for a glamorous and dramatic look. There are many beaded bridesmaid gowns out there that will create an elegant, chic, and almost “Great Gatsby” inspired look. Beautiful! So, great, you probably have lots of ideas now about the style and feel of the boho look, but which designers actually sell the dresses you want? Lucky for you, the Wedding Shoppe has tons of options for the bohemian chic bridesmaid dresses you’re looking for. Shop Bridesmaid Dresses

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Let’s start with some concrete examples, shall we? The After Six 6733 bridesmaid dress is a fantastic example of a dress that finds the balance between a classic and bohemian style. The sheath silhouette is made soft and light by the flowing chiffon and pleats, while the trendy and unique halter neckline with spaghetti straps shows off skin and style. This dress has a gorgeous lace overlay on the bodice, which adds texture and movement. Overall, dresses like this are very versatile and flattering! After Six 6733 allure 1440 Remember when I talked about trying bold and bright patterns? Take a look (above) at the Allure 1440 bridesmaid dress for a great example! Design wise, it’s pretty simple, with chiffon fabric, strapless sweetheart neckline, and a floor length A-line skirt. It would be a great option even in a solid color, but the gorgeous floral pattern makes the dress pop and will really add something to the overall look of the bridal party! For other variations on this gown, check out the Allure 1436 bridesmaid dress or the Allure 1437 bridesmaid dress. 1436 1437 The Bari Jay 1624 bridesmaid dress is a great example of a glamorous and chic boho dress. The all-over sequins are dramatic and luxurious, while the simple sheath silhouette and bloused bodice with spaghetti straps balances the sparkle and creates an effortless and feminine gown. Dresses like this are perfect for when you want a more up-scale and dramatic look that still has those easy bohemian vibes. 1624 allure 1624 Other designers to look out for are Jim Hjelm, Watters, Dessy, and Watters; they all have excellent gowns and plenty of options so you can create that perfectly eclectic look!

How to Accessorize:

You’ve got the color palette and the different styles and silhouettes figured out, but how should you accessorize? Obviously, your girls will probably have lots of input on this, especially if they choose their own gown. However, there are some classic ways to accessorize these types of dresses that will really pull the entire thing together. Like the dresses, you want the accessories and hair to be easy and effortless as well. Layered necklaces and unique earrings and bracelets are all fair game, though the type of jewelry obviously depends on the style of dress. A long layered necklace would look great with a more casual and flowing gown, but wouldn’t work with a more formal sequined affair. Let your girls choose their own accessories to show off even more personality! Listen, I love a good flower crown. And what better place to wear one than at an indie wedding? Create – or buy – the same flower crowns for everyone, or have your girls wear ones made out of lush greenery while yours features more flowers. While they might not be for everyone, flower crowns are a fun, feminine, and soft accessory that is super trendy and chic! Going along with hair accessories, loose waves and braids are also a great complement to boho dresses. The main thing is to have fun with choosing accessories and hairstyles! boho bridesmaid dresses

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Boho Shoes for Your Gals

One last accessory to go over: footwear! Traditionally, bridesmaids are forced into uncomfortable heels and have to suffer through foot pain the whole night. With more indie styles, however, your girls can wear pretty much whatever they want! Flat sandals, wedges, heels or even ankle boots can all be the perfect complement to their dress. Being able to choose unique footwear that will complete the look and will make your girls feel comfortable is yet another reason why boho bridesmaid dresses are so fantastic. As you can see, there’s a reason why bohemian inspired weddings and bridesmaid dresses are so trendy right now: you have so much freedom and room to express creativity! Whether you go rustic or formal, finding boho bridesmaid dresses is super easy. The sky is the limit, so let your personality and style shine! You may also like... How-to-be-Sure-You-Found-the-Dress (1) Worst-Wedding-Planning-Mistakes The-perfect-wedding-morning-playlist

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