6. Something Blue Wedding Dress Sashes, Belts, or Other Adornments

6. Something Blue Wedding Dress Sashes, Belts, or Other Adornments
There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to adding ‘something blue’ to your wedding dress. Many brides add blue wedding dress sashes, belts, or choose blue accents. You could even have blue buttons, a blue ribbon lacing up a corset back, or have a word or phrase stitched into the dress with blue thread. wedding dress sashes

Choose between blue wedding dress sashes or belts.

A new fashion among the wedding industry is the addition of bridal belts or sashes to bridal gowns. Either can be a great method of incorporating a little blue into your wedding day. Not sure of the difference? Belts are typically fastened, while sashes are typically tied. Create the illusion of curves with a wide, embellished sash, or play up your natural curves with a thin, downplayed belt. If you’re considering adopting this new trend, be sure to learn how to wear wedding dress sashes and belts.

Corset wedding dresses and other options for blue adornments.

If you’d prefer a more subtle alternative to blue bridal belts and sashes, consider smaller blue adornments for your bridal gown. Some ideas are blue buttons, blue beading, or even stitching a blue word, phrase, or date into the hem of your gown. One creative suggestion if you’re looking at corset wedding dresses is to use a blue ribbon to lace up the back. While a blue sash can be beautiful, as is depicted on this Alfred Angelo bridal gown, imagine how stunning you’d look wearing this Allure Romance wedding gown with blue corset ribbons!
bridal belts corset wedding dresses
Hopefully you found these bridal gown embellishment ideas useful! If belts, sashes, and corset wedding dresses aren’t in your wedding plans, be sure to check out our other ideas for including something blue in your wedding!

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