Black Lace Wedding Dresses

While we all love the idea of a traditional white gown, it may not fit into every bride’s dreams. Are you a woman who dares to be different, thrives on drama, enjoys the exhilaration of fashion risks—all of the above? Here’s a bold idea: black lace wedding dresses. Ooh…I get goosebumps just thinking about them! The beauty of lace in this hue is that it’s dramatic, but not necessarily “dark.” It still exudes romance and elegance, two traits you can’t go without on your big day. I’ve scoured our collections to find a variety of unique dresses—which ones give you a fashion high? Black Lace Wedding Dresses

Black lace wedding dresses bring the drama.

These dramatic gowns can inspire your wedding, rather than just fit in. Perhaps your favorite holiday is Halloween? Why not celebrate your nuptials on All Hallows’ Eve? You could host a masquerade or find inspiration in the Phantom of the Opera. Do you love the dark elegance of gothic décor? Wear black, style your ‘maids in white, and decorate with deep reds for a unique style. If that’s too bold, replace red with blush for a more romantic ambiance. My point is: If you try on one of these black lace wedding dresses, your creative wheels will start spinning!

Dark details.

Allure-9150 Allure-9150-Back If this trend intimidates you, try gowns with dark appliqués. You can choose a style like Maggie Sottero Cosette that is sprinkled with ebony details, or go all in with Allure Couture C287. This trend offers some range, which makes it even more enticing.

All-over drama.

Voyage-by-Mori-Lee-6765-Black Voyage-by-Mori-Lee-6761-Blck Are you ready to commit to drama? Then choose an all-black look! Voyage by Mori Lee has designed a few affordable styles that are stunning to boot. If you’re a budget-conscious bride, consider a bridesmaid dress. Both of these Mori Lee looks make a fashionable impact, and their simplicity will give you wiggle room for some glamorous accessories. Mori-Lee-Bridesmaid-696 Mori-Lee-Bridesmaid-693-Back

Top off your look.

I recommend flowers or bedazzled hair pieces if you go with this bridal style. Finding a complementary veil will be tricky, and it could also result in a funeral-ready look. Go easy on the accessories as well! A unique gown such as yours is already a bold choice, and you don’t want to verge on “costume.” Drop earrings or a chic necklace will be plenty. Allure-Couture-C287-Black-Lace Could you get on board with black lace wedding dresses? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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Bold and beautiful black lace wedding dresses:

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New Blog Post: Black Lace Wedding Dresses – While we all love the idea of a traditional white gown, it may not fit…

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