Beyond Bridesmaids: A List of Wedding Roles

Beyond Bridesmaids: A List of Wedding Roles

Most people are familiar with the basic roles in a wedding, but there is a plethora of less well-known bridal party ideas out there. Do you have more people you’d like to include in your wedding? Here are some ideas for traditional and non-traditional wedding roles to give to your twelve best friends, third-cousin-twice-removed, or neighbor’s grandson.

Beyond Bridesmaids: A List of Wedding Roles

Wedding Roles: Listed.


Okay, okay. So this is a no-brainer. Still, you need at least two people in one or both of these positions, or there really isn’t much of a point to coming up with wedding party ideas, is there? 

Maid/Matron/Man of Honor:

You may have had this special person in mind before your spouse-to-be was even in the picture. This individual is head honcho of the bridal party and responsible for planning major events, such as the bachelorette party (they’re pretty much a big deal). 

Bridesmaid/Junior Bridesmaid:

All your favorite ladies together at last! Whether you have three bridesmaids or thirty, your best friends will find a way to work together to ensure you look and feel your best, and that everything goes smoothly on your big day.

Beyond Bridesmaids: A List of Wedding Roles

Best Man/Woman:

This person is your right hand on D-day (or your wedding, as everyone except your best bud calls it). Their biggest responsibilities are to protect your rings and pump you up before zero hour.

Groomsman/Junior Groomsman:

A team of your best buds that are a force to be reckoned with. They will completely ignore your attempts to corral them to fittings and have a stag party where everyone is fully clothed. And you will love them for it.

Usher/Junior Usher:

For whatever reason, these people weren’t important enough to make the bridal party, but you feel bad leaving them out completely. So, you assign them to hold doors open and assist the elderly to their seats.

Huppah Carrier:

If you’re having a Jewish ceremony, these people carry the Huppah. It’s unclear whether this is a step up or down from ushering.

Ring Bearer:

This miniature man no longer has the job of carrying really expensive and sentimental rings down the aisle. We can’t see any reason why. Sometimes people use a dog instead, but they don’t typically get to carry the real rings either. 

Flower Girl:

This little lady might just steal the show from you, or she might chicken out beforehand and be carried down the aisle crying. Either way, you’ll have stellar memories to share with her before her own wedding, at which you’ll have to strongly resist the urge to pay her back for her shenanigans. 

Beyond Bridesmaids: A List of Wedding Roles


A more traditional position, and less common nowadays, these young boys (or girls) hold the bride’s train or escort her down the aisle. If you’re shooting for a Princess Diana look, pages are a necessity. Dig up those nephews or second cousins!

Candle Lighter:

If you’re having a unity candle ceremony, typically the couple’s parents/guardians will light the taper candles before the ceremony. You could, of course, choose anyone to fill this role.

Wedding Guest Book Attendant:

This position is perfect for that distant friend or relative who insists on helping out somehow. It’s not really necessary; so don’t be too concerned if you don’t have someone to fill it. People are either going to sign your wedding guest book or not. It’s up to you to decide if someone hassling them will help or hurt the cause.

Passage Reader:

In some weddings, one or more people may read a poem or psalm during the ceremony. This is a good position for teenagers or older relatives that weren’t included in the bridal party.

Wedding Program Attendant:

If you choose to have a wedding program handed out, it goes without saying that you need someone to do the handing out. This is a good job for a junior usher, but comes with its own title (pretty exciting!). Or you could just have the ushers do it.

Rice Attendant (or bubbles, or sparklers, etc.):

You know that fun photograph of the newlyweds rushing off to their honeymoon through a mass of friends and family throwing/holding <insert item here>? Whether you choose the traditional rice, something modern like waving cell phones, or something awesome like an arch of light sabers, you’ll need someone to organize everyone ahead of time.

Beyond Bridesmaids: A List of Wedding Roles

Personal Attendant:

So, you have an acquaintance who is really organized and on top of things, but you don’t know them well enough to include them in your bridal party. Ask them to be your personal attendant; all the perks of a wedding planner without having to pay them!  (Read more about personal attendants).

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Beyond Bridesmaids: A List of Wedding Roles

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This person is probably the next most important after the couple to be wed. They, like, do the wedding. Do you have more bridal party ideas? Are there any wedding roles we forgot? Fill us in by commenting below!

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