The Best Wedding Dresses for Your Body Type

The Best Wedding Dresses for Your Body Type
There are so many gorgeous trends in bridal attire, from the mermaid silhouette to sweetheart necklines, we can’t get enough of the top designers’ daring new looks. Unfortunately, every style isn’t flattering on every figure. To help you navigate the confusing world of wedding wear, we’ve compiled a guide to the best wedding dresses for your body type. Whatever your shape, we’ll help you find a gown that brings out your most beautiful quality: confidence. Wedding Dresses for Your Body Type

How to find the best wedding dresses for your body type.

The Ruler:

If you’re lacking curves, create them! A princess ball gown or A-line are ideal for you. A top that highlights your natural waist and extends into a voluminous skirt will show off your slim figure, but create an hourglass illusion. If you have a small bust, choose a top with ruching or extra texture to create more curves. Another strategic choice would be a halter top, since it will lift your bust and create cleavage.
Allure-9120 Allure-Romance-9150

The Hourglass:

You’re lucky to have some fabulous curves—show them off! A fit-and-flare design is the best dress for your body shape. Look for a supportive sweetheart neckline and a dramatic flared skirt. These design elements will highlight what you love and hide what you don’t. The key to confidence with an hourglass figure is showing off that tiny waist! The rest is a matter of personal style and comfort.
 Allure-9117 Allure-Romance-2667

The Pear:

If you’re slim on top but rock some fabulous hips, I recommend a flowing gown. Look for a unique top that cinches at your slim waist, and a skirt that gradually flows away from your body. This silhouette will instantly flatter your figure and allow you to radiate with confidence. An A-line is a great place to start when you’re a Pear. If you’re trying to hide those hips, stay away from extreme fit-and-flares. The fitted silhouette and full skirt will only accentuate your lower half.
Kennedy-Blue-Grace Kennedy-Blue-Carolyn

The Apple:

If you’ve been blessed with a large bust, don’t try to hide it! Look for a V-neckline that will elongate your frame, rather than a straight-across strapless. Then complement it by accentuating your waist with either a natural or empire fit. For the skirt, go with a gradual flare, or consider showing off your legs in a cocktail style. Just avoid fit-and-flares and ball gowns, because they will accentuate your wonderful curves in the wrong ways.
Blu-by-Mori-Lee-5170 Blu-by-Mori-Lee-5170-Back

Curvy All Over:

If you’re a beautiful, vivacious woman who wants to own her curves, it’s time to shop our large collection of plus sized wedding dresses. Many women gravitate towards A-line and ball gown silhouettes. Both of these are wonderful options for a fuller figure, as they highlight your waist and hide your hips. For your neckline, stay away from constricting halter tops and unsupportive strapless options. A one-shoulder or V-neck style will be both supportive and flattering. Illusion is a trending neckline you may love as well.
Julietta-by-Mori-Lee-3154 Julietta-by-Mori-Lee-3157

And the #1 dress for your body shape is…

If you want a universally flattering silhouette, it can only be an A-line. This style highlights a natural waist and gradually flares out into an easy, elegant skirt. While many brides consider this look to be “simple”, I want to stress that clean design often leads to timeless style. For a unique spin on an A-line, accessorize with care and experiment with fabrics and textures. Not only is this the most popular silhouette, but it also tends to come in the most variety.
Maggie-Sottero-Jessica Maggie-Sottero-Esme-Marie
Let us know what tips and tricks were the most helpful to you in the comment section! We believe that every woman is beautiful. This guide to the best wedding dresses for your body type should help you find a gown that makes you feel beautiful on the big day—to look amazing, you have to feel amazing!

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Know your body type before you start wedding dress shopping:

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