The Best Wedding Dress for Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Wedding Dress for Your Zodiac Sign
Our zodiac signs can yield surprisingly accurate insights into our key personality traits, romantic pursuits, and yes, our fashion predilections, whether you’re a believer or not. With a serious assist from some tried and true astrologers, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how to choose your dream wedding dress based on your star sign. Read on for more!


To put it simply, the Aries gal is no muss, no fuss. The ultimate cool girl, the Aries has a knack for putting pared-down pieces together in fashion-forward ways. Her style favors sleek fabrics and crisp, clean lines, with nothing ornate or overly feminine. Lace is far too dainty while sparkling embellishments are best left to the girly-girls. That said, those born under this star sign are often upbeat, energetic and absolutely bursting with charisma, so the Aries bride isn’t afraid to stand out. Her ideal pick? A modern yet sassy style like the Voyage by Mori Lee Melanie.
voyage-by-mori-lee-melanie voyage-by-mori-lee-melanie-back


This star sign is ruled by the planet Venus, representing beauty and creativity, so wedding dress shopping is right up the Taurus bride’s alley. Touch is also extremely important to those born under this sign, making tactile fabrics key to the wedding dress shopping experience. Delicate lace, floral appliqués and rich, smooth silks are all welcome additions. That said, the Taurus bride’s style is timeless. The ideal gown will be eye-catching and feminine, like the Maggie Sottero Genoa. But will also no doubt be eternally chic, making for a lifetime of stylish wedding-day photos.


The Gemini bride is inherently sociable and always ready for fun, so you can be sure her taste in fashion is out there, expressive and never boring. Mixing and matching comes naturally to the Gemini. Expect an eye-catching blend of fabrics, textures and prints that’s sure to capture the gaze of her hubby-to-be and guests alike. This gal is never one to shy away from a bold accessory – in fact, these finishing touches often make the ensemble. So feel free to go wild with a brightly-hued shoe or a dazzling piece of jewelry. Try a dress with a high-low hemline to flaunt of colorful pair of heels, like the Voyage by Mori Lee Malin, or opt for a standout gown with a surprising print, like the floral-adorned Sottero and Midgley Kira.


Those born under this particular sign have a profound appreciation for old world style. A vintage-inspired gown is the only way to go for the Cancer bride. Head-to-toe lace, Victorian necklines and corset-style bodices are par for the course, as are sheath and A-line silhouettes that draw the eye to the natural waist. Think classic and feminine; not overtly sexy, but definitely not stuffy. Opt for a lacy number with a high collar, like the Calla Blanche Veronica, or a demure long-sleeve gown with vintage-inspired flourishes, like the Maggie Sottero Deirdre Marie. For an extra-special touch, add a family heirloom like a vintage garter or a stunning piece of jewelry that’s been passed down through generations.
calla-blanche-veronica maggie-sottero-deirdre-marie


These natural born leaders are best known for their self-confidence, along with a flare for the dramatic. This gal’s style is larger than life, so get ready for some serious fun when shopping for the Leo bride. This bridal rule-breaker relishes being the center of attention, and will happily choose an out-there style that keeps all eyes on her the whole night through. Bold beading, intense sparkle and dramatic volume – the fearless Leo shies away from nothing, making loud and proud choices like the Casablanca 2139 the perfect fit for this bride-to-be.
casablanca-2139 casablanca-2139-back


Naturally feminine and elegant, this Earth sign is drawn to styles that are sweet and simple, girlish yet grown-up. Even the smallest touches make a big difference thanks to the Virgo’s keen eye for detail. Look for a style with a unique twist, like an intricately embroidered pattern or a surprising back detail. A goddess-like style is best suited for the Virgo bride, so choose a flirty, flowing frock like the Maggie Sottero Caprice.
maggie-sottero-caprice maggie-sottero-caprice-back


Like the Taurus, the Libra is ruled by Venus, a lover of all things beautiful. Don’t be afraid to crank up the glamour if you’re a Libra bride. Gals born under this sign gravitate toward glitzy embellishments, feminine allure and over-the-top beauty. The ideal bridal gown for the Libra boasts rich, detailed fabrics like elegantly appointed lace or sumptuous satin, with eye-catching accents and supremely sexy details; sheer panels, deep V-necklines and leg-baring high-low hems are par for the course. With its intricately embroidered lace, sheer bodice and curve-hugging silhouette, the Calla Blanche Marilyn bridal gown fits the bill. Or instead, opt for all-out sparkle with the Ashley & Justin 10475.
calla-blanche-marilyn ashley-justin-10475


As a Scorpio myself, I can personally attest to the rock ‘n’ roll fashion vibe favored by this gal. We’re not talking full-on Courtney Love here, but a little bit of toughness goes a long way; think refined style with an edge. The Scorpio bride may also rely on accessories to help carry the theme, like a bold choker necklace or a sleek pair of ankle boots paired with her bridal couture. Just steer clear of anything too feminine, like ruffles or floral embellishments, and you’ll be just fine. Go sexy-edgy with a daring crop top-and-skirt pairing, like the Sottero and Midgley Jude Bodice and Shardea Skirt, or step outside the box with the Annika Leigh, a trendy fit and flare illusion dress that lets the bride show off a killer pair of booties.


Go big or go home. The Sagittarius bride does everything on a larger-than-life scale, from an over-the-top gown to Bacchanalian levels of food and drink to a raucous dance party that lasts till the wee hours. The Sagittarius is naturally extroverted and enthusiastic, so a playful style that stands out from the pack will be her best bet. Styles like the Mori Lee Marilyn and the Maggie Sottero Penny suit this fire sign. They’re fearless and fun without being overtly sexy, much like the bride herself.
mori-lee-marilyn maggie-sottero-penny


The goal-oriented Capricorn is efficient and driven, with a laser-sharp focus and iron will to succeed. In terms of style, this translates to simple yet sophisticated designs with sculptural lines and plenty of structure – all business, yet chic and polished. Stick with rich, unadorned fabrics. Textured lace and shimmering embellishments are no match for the Capricorn bride. With their statuesque designs and unfettered fabrics, the Allure Romance 3000 and Voyage by Mori Lee Melody are two styles that she’ll adore.
allure-romance-3000 voyage-by-mori-lee-melody


The Aquarius gal is a bit of an enigma; ruled by Uranus – which spins in a different direction than the other planets. Those born under this sign tend to do things in their own rebellious way. This girl’s style veers toward the eclectic (and at times, even eccentric), with a desire to dress for herself and never for anyone else, tradition be damned. Asymmetrical designs, bold prints and tons of sparkle are all fair game for the out-there Aquarius. This bride does best with mix-and-match options like the Sottero and Midgley Alita Bodice and Ashby Skirt to help ensure that her bridal look is all her own.


Relaxed, flowing pieces are the signature style of the Pisces, a sort of elevated bohemian feel that’s at once easy fitting yet new and fresh. The perfect gown for the Pisces bride will feature softly draped layers of fabric with tons of effortless movement – nothing stark or stiff. Think loose-fitting blouson bodices, like the Madison James MJ313 and free-flowing lace with a flounce detail, as seen with the Willowby by Watters Everly (flower crown not included). True romance, indeed.
madison-james-mj313 willowby-by-watters-everly
Now that you’ve got all the info you need, let the stars light the way to help find your perfect wedding dress!

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