The Bride's Guide to Bridesmaid Robes, Bridesmaid Pajamas and More!

Bride and Bridesmaids wearing bridesmaid robes.

On the big day, you'll be spending a great amount to time getting ready with your bridesmaids. As you're getting your hair and makeup done, you'll want to feel comfortable and confident, especially before walking down the aisle. Choosing the perfect getting-ready outfit is the second most important thing (besides your wedding dress!) to have ready. You'll want to remember these moments forever - and wearing something cute with your girls will feel so special! 

There's more to bridesmaid robes than just something to wear. Finding a cohesive wedding getting-ready outfit makes for awesome photos that you will adore for years to come. As for practicality, they'll help keep everyone's freshly done wedding day hair and makeup intact. Picking out a bridesmaid robe, bridesmaid pajama set, or wedding day outfit for you and your girls will be one of your best wedding day purchases! 

We're here with some great finds on classy bridesmaid robes and trendy wedding alternatives like bridesmaid pajamas and rompers. Trust us, we have you covered! Check out some of our favorite bridal party sets below. 

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Wedding Shoppe's Best Selling Affordable Bridesmaid Robes

At Wedding Shoppe, we love to offer boutique luxe items at affordable pricing, such as our bridal robes. We feature two amazing brands, Kennedy Blue and Selby Rae, with their luxurious, yet affordable, satin and lace robes. With their thoughtfully-offered popular wedding colors and size-inclusivity, there's no wonder why these robes are best sellers! Read on to see why each of these robes are so special.

Kennedy Blue Satin and Lace Bridesmaid Robes

Models wearing Kennedy Blue Satin and Lace Bridesmaid robes in the color 'taupe' and 'white'.

Kennedy Blue Satin and Lace Bridesmaid Robes are an elegant and dainty lightweight wrap-style robe with a belt tie. Unlike the industry's standard, Kennedy Blue's robes are longer with a knee length design to add extra coverage and comfortability. This robe collection is available in 13 colors with a selection of neutrals and jeweled-tones with standard sizing and plus sizes. The soft satin and flirty lace sleeves are sure to make you and your bridesmaids feel absolutely beautiful!

Kennedy Blue Satin and Lace Bridesmaid Robes hung up showing many robe colors.

Kennedy Blue Satin Bridesmaid Robes

Models wearing Kennedy Blue Satin Bridesmaid robes in the color 'dusty blue'.

Kennedy Blue's Satin Bridesmaid Robes were designed specifically for wedding parties. The lightweight satin material with knee length design adds additional coverage so your wedding party will feel confident as they get ready. Kennedy Blue's satin robe collection is available in 8 jeweled-tones with standard sizing and plus sizes. This classic robe style has a dainty white trim detailing for an elegant and luxe look. With the wrap style and belt you can feel confident as you're getting ready! 

Kennedy Blue Satin Bridesmaid Robes in different colors.

*Kennedy Blue 'Mauve' Bridesmaid Robe not shown in photo

Kennedy Blue Floral Bridesmaid Robes

Models wearing Kennedy Blue Floral Bridesmaid robes in the color 'pink'.

Kennedy Blue Floral Bridesmaid Robes are always a wedding-favorite with the romantic flowery pattern and beautiful color options. These floral robes are made with 100% rayon cotton so they're lightweight and won't slide around. The 9 brilliant colorful shades will make your wedding photos look amazing. Kennedy Blue's floral robe collection are longer with a knee length design and available in standard sizing and plus sizes. You and your girls will look stunning in these floral robes as you're getting ready! 

Kennedy Blue Floral Bridesmaid Robe Collection

Selby Rae Premium Satin and Lace Bridesmaid Robes (New!)

Model wearing Selby Rae Premium Satin and Lace Bridesmaid Robe in the color 'white'.

Selby Rae's Premium Bridesmaids Robes Collection specially designed for wedding parties was just recently released. These premium satin and lace bridesmaids robes feel and look like a luxury all at affordable pricing. With trending 2022 popular wedding color options, choose from 10 gorgeous neutral and jeweled-tone shades. Selby Rae's satin and lace robes are designed to accommodate everyone so that all of your girls will feel included and beautiful. 

Selby Rae Premium Satin Bridesmaid Robes (New!)

Model wearing Selby Rae Premium Satin Robe in the color 'white'.

Selby Rae's Premium Satin Bridesmaid Robes are also a new release in their bridesmaid collection. These satin robes have a clean and simple style with a piping detail along the collar and the sleeves of the robe. The premium satin design has a luxe look with a classic elegance. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these satin bridesmaid robes are sure to have your bridal party feeling glamorous, comfortable, and flirty.

Shopping For Bride and Bridesmaid Robes

For our brides who are in search of the best bridesmaid robe, there are so many styles, color options, and materials to take into consideration. We explored some other gorgeous bridesmaid robes that we thought would be wonderful robe choices for our brides to look at. From classic satin and lace, to boho ruffles and comfy cotton, discover the bridesmaid robe style that is perfect for your wedding.

Lace Trim Floral Bridesmaid Robes

Bride and Bridesmaids wearing floral robes with a lace trim.

For the ultimate romantic style, this classic floral bridesmaid robe is absolutely stunning. These satin robes are enhanced with a romantic lace trim, offering a comfortable yet flirty look for your bridesmaids. Available in stunning neutral tones of white, blush pink, and dusty blue.

Ruffle Bridesmaid Robes

Bride and Bridesmaids wearing comfy robes with ruffles.

This is the sweetest girly-style satin robe with a flirty look. These solid flounce robes are available in a variety of sizes, and colors, such as some wedding faves like dusty rose, mauve lilac, and blush. We absolutely adore how darling these robes look with the ruffled detailing! 

Boho Bridesmaid Floral Robe

Models wearing boho floral bridesmaid robes with tassel detailing.

For the boho bride, these flowy rayon cotton robes with tassel fringes are a dream. The floral design adds romance while the fringe detailing gives a free-spirited vibe. Shown here in mauve, white, and blush, these robes are available in 6 colors with a personalization option. (These robes can even double as a swimsuit coverup- hello, honeymoon!) 

Cotton Waffle Bridesmaid Robes

Bride and Bridesmaid wearing cotton bridal robes with pockets and personalized monograms.

Feel like you're spending the day at a spa as you get ready in these cotton waffle bridesmaid robes! It's a comfy look and unique from the usual satin bridesmaid robes we're so used to seeing. Grab a drink and relax- these cotton robes with a personalization option will be your new favorite!   

Satin Bridesmaid Robes

Bride and Bridesmaids wearing satin robes with piping detail.

Just like a dream, these timeless satin robes with piping details are absolutely exquisite. This satin bridesmaid robe has such a classic and elegant style that will look absolutely beautiful in photos! Choose from 7 gorgeous neutral shades for the perfect romantic bridesmaid robe. 

What To Wear Instead of Bridesmaid Robes: Trending Bridesmaid Pajamas and Bridesmaid Rompers

If bridesmaid robes aren't your style, but you still want to match- don't worry! There are so many different and unique bridal party getting-ready outfits to choose from. So, if you're still on the hunt to find a fun way to match with your girls pre-ceremony, we have some ideas for you! From bridesmaid rompers to matching bridesmaid pajama sets, we're sharing some of our favorite robe alternatives below. 

Kennedy Blue Long Button Down Bridesmaid Shirts (New Product!)

Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridal and Bridesmaid Sleep Shirt in color 'mauve'.

Kennedy Blue's newest bridesmaid collection release includes this bridesmaid button down sleep shirt. This trendy long-sleeve sleep shirt with v-neckline and button closures is a great alternative to bridal party robes. With the additional longer length it's easier to relax and be comfortable without the worry about needing to adjust. These cozy sleep shirts are available in 8 beautiful shades and offered in standard and plus sizes. Kennedy Blue's sleep shirts are soft and comfy, and will make getting ready with freshly done hair and makeup so easy! 

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Sleep Shirt Collection

Long Sleeve Satin Bridesmaid PJ Set

Models wearing long sleeve satin bridesmaid pajama pant sets.

For a comfy and chic look that's perfect for a winter wedding, these long-sleeve bridesmaid pajamas sets are stunning! This satin wedding pajama set is glamorous and elegant. Choose from 9 gorgeous shades, like burnt orange, burgundy, and dusty rose, that are popular wedding colors. 

Short Sleeve Floral Bridesmaid PJ Set

Models wearing Bride and Bridesmaid matching short sleeve pajama sets in a floral pattern.

With a whimsical and romantic look, these short-sleeve bridesmaid pajama sets are adorable! This floral satin pajama set with shorts is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Available in white floral, blush pink floral, and dusty blue floral, these pajamas will add a certain sweetness to your wedding photos. 

Floral Mismatched Bridesmaid Rompers

Bride and Bridesmaids wearing floral bridal party rompers in different styles.

These floral mismatched bridesmaid rompers are the sweetest look for getting ready with your gals! With a variety of necklines, everyone can mix and match to find the perfect style. We love how this is a look that your bridesmaids can wear out-and-about after the wedding- girl's brunch date?!

Floral Bridesmaid Jumpsuit

Bride and Bridesmaids wearing matching long floral jumpsuits. For a super comfy style that is ultra-cute, this floral jumpsuit is the answer to your dreams! It's the perfect style with adjustable spaghetti straps, high waist drawstring, long pants, and pockets. As you're getting ready or lounging around, this bridesmaid jumpsuit will be comfortable and cute!

Are Bridesmaids Robes Worth It?

Bridesmaid robes (or any wedding day getting-ready outfit) can make your morning feel AND look effortless. With you and your girls matching with a cute fit, your wedding photos will look so amazing! Plus as your photographer captures the bridal party as they're getting-ready, everyone will feel picture-perfect in their robes and not worrying about what they're wearing! 

Another big reason is to help keep your freshly done wedding hairstyles and wedding makeup intact. We specifically chose bridal robes, bridesmaid pjs, and bridal party jumpsuits that are easy to slip over for that reason! Your wedding hair stylist and wedding makeup artist will love that your bridesmaids are wearing something that won't ruin their hard work. 

Bride and Bridesmaid card "Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid" greeting card.

When you give your bridesmaids their bridal room robes, add an extra sweet touch with a heartfelt note!  This "Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid" is the cutest card that you can customize. Your bridesmaids will absolutely love your thoughtfulness!

When To Give Your Bridesmaids Their Robes

Your gals have always been there for you and your wedding day will be no different! When you gift your bridesmaids their robes it will be a sweet gesture to thank them for helping you get to this day. We love this adorable bridesmaid proposal box that you can customize and personalize for each of your girls. It's the cutest way to gift their bridesmaid robes! With the different customizable card options, the box can either be for a bridesmaid proposal or a bridesmaid thank you box. Have this ready when you ask your friends to be your bridesmaids, or surprise them with it at your rehearsal dinner or wedding morning!  

Bride and Bridesmaids holding their personalized bridesmaid proposal gift box.

How To Fold Your Wedding Day Bridesmaid Robes 

Now that you've found the cutest bridesmaid robes, we have some advice on how to get them wedding day ready! Because many of these materials are typically wrinkle-prone, it's important that you fold the bridesmaid robes a certain way. After all, you don't want to give them to your girls filled with wrinkles!

The simplest way for an elegant presentation and prevent wrinkles is by rolling your bridesmaid robes. To do so, lay the robe on a flat surface with the front side facing up. Fold in the arms and sides so that the bridesmaid robe resembles a rectangular shape. Then, roll tightly from the bottom up. To finish, wrap the belt around the rolled robe and tie it into a bow. This method is especially helpful when wrapping dainty silk bridesmaid robes. Your bridal party will adore how darling it looks!

Bride and Bridesmaid personalized wooden hangers for the wedding.

Another way to present the bridal party robes is to hang them on personalized hangers in the bridal room. Have the robes arranged and hung up in the room ready for when your bridesmaids arrive. It will be such a wonderful surprise! Then, when they slip on into the robes, your gals can then hang up their bridesmaids dresses while they're getting ready. These personalized wooden bridesmaid hangers will make for the cutest robe and bridesmaid dress photos and will be such a sweet wedding keepsake!

What Should You Wear Underneath Bridesmaid Robes?

Once you've selected the robes that you want your bridesmaids to wear, you can check that off your list. Next thing to consider is what to wear with, or underneath, the robes- which many people can forget to plan for! Bridesmaid robes can be a bit tricky when it comes to making sure everything is covered, especially for photographs. There's nothing worse than being unprepared, so we recommend planning some options beforehand. 

Models wearing matching bridesmaid satin cami sets.

In order for you and your girls to feel secure and confident, consider a cute bridesmaid cami set to pair with your robes! We love how this satin bridesmaid cami set is simple, elegant, and has the perfect neutral colors to match your bridesmaid robes. It will look like it's part of the wedding aesthetic. Better yet, the long scooped neckline won't compromise your freshly done wedding hair. 

No matter what, using any of the garments that you're planning to wear under your bridesmaid dress work also! If you're comfortable, you can wear a bra and Spanx underneath your robe. And for extra caution, you can bring safety pins just in case to help secure robes if they start slipping. 

Chat With Us!

From looking through different bridesmaid robe options, to considerations for alternative bridesmaid outfits, we hope that you found something that you love! Remember your wedding day is YOURS to plan. So, if you prefer matching pajama sets or rompers for your bridesmaids, we're here for it! With so many different styling options there is something perfect for each bride to choose. We're all about celebrating you and the wedding style you prefer. After all, comfort is key!

Now, we'd LOVE to hear from you! Are you planning on having your bridesmaids wear robes or a robe alternative at your upcoming wedding? If you've chosen an alternative style, what kind of outfit is it? If you're planning a wedding, or just love thinking about them, what is your style? Comment below and let us know some of your ideas- we'd love to hear from you!

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Maddie Mechelke
September 22, 2020 10:44

Love all of these options!! Thinking lace trim for my girls!!

Maddie Mechelke
September 22, 2020 10:44

Love all of these options!! Thinking lace trim for my girls!!

Maddie Mechelke
September 22, 2020 10:44

Love all of these options!! Thinking lace trim for my girls!!

September 10, 2020 11:00

Love them all! Can’t wait to get me and my girls some amazing robes!

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The PJ sets are so cute! Can’t wait to get ready with my crew!

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