Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses by Da Vinci

According to several recent studies, the average amount of money your bridesmaids will spend to be involved in your wedding is around $800. This includes hair, makeup, travel, shoes, gifts and the strapless floor length satin bridesmaid dress you choose for them. Finding affordable bridesmaid dresses can be tricky, especially if you have a very specific idea of what you want, but it is very possible with Da Vinci bridesmaid dresses.

floor length bridesmaid dress

Let’s define affordable bridesmaid dresses.

Ok, “affordable” is a very vague descriptor because it means something different to everyone. Here at the Wedding Shoppe, “affordable” for bridesmaids is defined as any dress below $110. Today, I want to show you some gorgeous strapless floor length satin bridesmaid dress styles between $100 and $130. Let’s start with our most affordable Da Vinci bridesmaid dresses first. Check out all of our amazing gowns!>>

The perfect strapless floor length satin bridesmaid dress under $110.

Whether you’re thinking of solid black dresses or a bright pink and blue dress, Da Vinci bridesmaid dress 9245 is one of our most affordable bridesmaid dresses while still being 100% color customizable. This classic A-line dress is traditionally fitted in the bodice and features a nearly straight across strapless neckline, offering your bridesmaids a little extra coverage.

Da Vinci Bridesmaid dress 9245

Strapless floor length satin bridesmaid dress styles under $130.

The longer the dress you choose, the higher the price will climb. If you have your heart set on a floor length gown for your ladies, be prepared for dresses closer to $130. Da Vinci bridesmaid dresses are some of the most affordable satin dresses we carry at the Shoppe. You’ll love the ruching and cut of Da Vinci Bridesmaid dress 9321, plus the fun and quirky flower belt really kicks it up a notch! Wanting something a little more romantic? My favorite Da Vinci strapless floor length satin bridesmaid dress is 9279. It has a stunning sweetheart neckline accented by a fun two-tone border option.
long strapless bridesmaid dresses floor length bridesmaid dress
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