A Magical Moment: Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal

Where magic happens - Disneyland.

The perfect place for a young man to propose to his girlfriend of a year. Having met on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland, one lucky lady is swept away with a surprise Disneyland proposal that brings her to tears. The video portrays her boyfriend, with obvious connections at Disneyland, coordinating a disneyland musical marriage proposal. After telling the young lady he has a suprise for her, he gathers all of the Disneyland go-ers & proclaims his love in song & dance for his sweetheart. She was shocked.

Watch this video!

And see how the proposal unfolds and the young lady's heart-throbbing reaction. After more research, we found out that this Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal is fake and was developed by Disney.  Disney admitted that the video is fake and was created for publicity reasons.  Whether this video is fake or not, it still installs an image of a magical Disneyland proposal or wedding. Every girl deserves a heart-melting proposal.  Watching creative proposal videos is a great way to develop your own proposal ideas!  If you believe in the Magic of Disneyland, plan your Disney proposal today!

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