23 Presents for the Bride & Groom Gift Exchange

Bride and Groom Exchanging Gifts on Wedding Day

You may think you’re ready for your wedding, but there's just one more thing. You have one more present to buy! Not only do you need to promise to love them for better or worse, but you should get your partner a special wedding day gift. After all, it’s tradition for newlyweds to exchange gifts on the big day. Whether you two want to keep it practical or sentimental - that’s up to you. Here’s our advice regarding the bride and groom gift exchange.

Unique Groom Gifts to the Bride (& Vice Versa!)

Gifts for your bride or groom are so much fun to buy. After all, you two have a lot to celebrate! Now you get the chance to solidify that commitment with a gift. While it doesn't have to be expensive, it must come from the heart. Here are some of our favorite wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom gift exchange!

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Bride Gifts From Groom on Wedding Day:

So, you're searching for the perfect wedding gift for your soon-to-be wife? We've got you covered!  Whether you need last minute wedding gift ideas or are looking for something sentimental - here are our favorites.

1) Gold 'Mrs.' Necklace for the Bride

Bride 'Mrs.' Necklace Gift for Wedding Day

'Mrs.' Necklace for the Bride

A bracelet, pair of earrings, ring (not her wedding band), a necklace… something special. Jewelry is never a copout, especially when you’ve put thought into it. She'll be able to wear this 'Mrs.' necklace forever - and it will always remind her of your wedding day!

2) Charcuterie Board (For a Bride That Loves to Host!)

Personalied Charcuterie Board

Personalized Charcuterie Board Wedding Gift

If your bride-to-be loves personalized items AND hosting events ~ she will love an engraved charcuterie board! Not only will she love that you thought of her interests, but she'll love that it's custom made for you both to enjoy!

3) Personalized Ring Dish with Initials

Personalized Ring Dish for the Bride

Initial Ring Dish for Your Bride

If you two are opting for smaller, more thoughtful gifts for your exchange, this is perfect!  This personalized ring dish is a sweet gift that will show you care. And, it'll go along beautifully with her new ring.

4) Cute 'Mrs.' Sweatshirt in White

MRS Sweatshirt

White Mrs. Crewneck Sweatshirt

If you're going on a honeymoon - or you just know she'd love showing off her new title - a cozy 'Mrs.' crewneck is a great option! Your soon-to-be wife will think it's the cutest thing!

5) Anniversary Journal (For a Sentimental Bride)

Anniversary Journal

Keepsake Anniversary Journal

A wedding gift that keeps on giving! Show your bride that you're looking forward to your future together. An anniversary book will be the perfect way for you to remember future celebrations of this special day. Start by filling out a page on your actual wedding day!

6) Wedding Card for Your Bride

Wedding Card for Wife

A Letter to My Wife on Our Wedding Day

Whether you’re giving a gift or simply exchanging messages, a card is a must!  Jot down the reasons why you love her, and everything you’re looking forward to during marriage.  Your bride-to-be will be blown away by your thoughtfulness.

7) 'Our Story' Wall Art

Our Story So Far Wedding Gift

'Our Story So Far' Print

This adorable gift for your bride will make for the perfect decor!  She will love how sentimental this present is, and it will take you back through memory lane.  Plus, it’s an amazing keepsake.  Be sure to double check to make sure you have your locations correct!

8) Custom Wedding Spoons (For a Bride Who Loves to Cook)

Personalized Wooden Spoons

Personalized Wooden Spoons

For if she loves to cook - or simply wants an adorable kitchen!  This wedding gift for your bride will brighten any meal.  I mean, just look at how cute these custom wooden spoons are.

9) Quirky Scrapbook (for Nostalgic Brides)

Sentimental Scrapbook for the Bride-to-Be

'You and Me' Scrapbook Journal

Show her you've been thinking of her - no last minute gift here! Prior to the wedding day, fill in all of these cute prompts about your love for her. The adorable design will take her back to her middle school diary days!

Wedding Day Groom Gifts From the Bride:

We can't forget about gifts for the groom!  Show your soon-to-be hubby that you care by choosing the perfect wedding gift for him.  Here are some of our favorite unique wedding presents for the groom.

1) 'Letters to My Husband' Journal (For the Sentimental Groom)

Letters to My Husband Journal Gift

Letters to My Husband

Show your soon-to-be husband how much you love him! Get a head start on your wedding gift to him, and start journaling about your favorite memories, qualities, and future goals. He'll absolutely adore the sentiment.

2) Custom Wedding Cufflinks for the Groom

Groom Cufflinks

Personalized Wedding Cufflinks

Every guy needs one nice pair of cufflinks, and you know he’ll cherish this personalized pair forever. This wedding gift is both thoughtful and practical!  What groom doesn't love that?

3) A Nice Watch for the Groom

Watch for the Groom

Watch for the Groom

Get him that fancy timepiece he’s always wanted! Maybe even a personalized pocket watch? Attach a little note to it that says, “See you at 3:00,” or whatever time you’re saying “I do.”

4) Engraved Compass (For Adventurous Grooms)

Engraved Compass

Personalized Engraved Compass

Are you a couple that loves to travel?  If so, this will be the perfect gift for your groom on the wedding day!  Have a special message engraved into the compass to make it even more heartfelt.

5) Personalized 'Why I Love You' Wooden Puzzle

Reasons Why I Love You Puzzle

'Why I Love You' Wooden Puzzle

A really special gift for a sentimental groom! This personalized puzzle will definitely be appreciated by your husband-to-be. Plus, it'll be so much fun to write out some special messages to him.

6) Custom Leather Wallet (For the Practical Groom)

Personalized Wallet for Groom

Custom Engraved Groom's Wallet

This gift for your groom doubles as sentimental and practical!  This gorgeous engraved wallet will remind your hubby of this moment for years to come.  This is one of our favorites!

7) Personalized Wooden Ring Dish

Groom Ring Dish

Custom Wooden Ring Dish for Him

Today is the day that your groom will start wearing his ring! Make sure he has a safe place to store it. He'll love this wooden ring dish to put on his nightstand.

8) Custom Wedding Handkerchief for Groom

Groom Handkerchief

Personalized Handkerchief for Groom

If you’re looking to take a more traditional route, a wedding handkerchief is a must. You can personalize a heartfelt message for your husband to carry with him. This wedding keepsake will be passed on for generations to come!

9) Personalized Cigar Humidor

Cigar Humidor

Personalized Cigar Humidor

Give your husband an excuse to sit back and relax before the ceremony—he’ll thank you for it. Make this wedding present even cooler by personalizing it with wedding details! 

Gift Exchange Ideas for the Groom or Bride:

But wait, there's more!  Here are some wedding gifts that either the bride or groom can get for one another.  You can either buy or DIY these creative wedding gift ideas.

1) Personalized Memory Box w/ Photo Storage

Memory Box for Wedding

Wedding Memory Box

Let's be real - anything with your wedding date is something you instantly love!  A memory box is the perfect place to store photos from your dating years - or for new wedding memories! This makes for a great gift for a bride or groom.

2) Custom Wedding Mugs (For the Outdoorsy Spouse)

Wedding Camping Mugs

Custom Camping Mugs

For the adventurous couple, or any newlyweds heading for a mountainous honeymoon!  This unique wedding gift will be an adorable keepsake.  Plus, you know you'll use it!

3) Custom Book Stamp (For the Avid Reader)

Book Stamper

Personalized Book Stamp

If your future spouse has a hobby associated with books or crafts - this personalized stamp is such a thoughtful gift! It's even more fun if you are able to put your new shared name (or both of your initials!)

4) Personalized Vinyl (For the Music Lover)

Personalized Vinyl Gift

Custom Music Vinyl

If your spouse-to-be has a deep love for music, get them a gift personalized to their interests! This adorable personalized vinyl is the perfect place to memorialize your wedding song, or another meaningful tune.

5) Bucket List Book for Newlyweds

Newlywed Bucket List

Newlywed Bucket List

What better way to start out your life together than by writing down your hopes and dreams.  Whether you want to travel the world or build a business together, map it out in this book!  Having a bucket list together will keep you excited and motivated.

6) Engraved Wood Cutting Board

Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

This is the perfect wedding gift for your soon-to-be spouse.  It's especially great if they're a bit of a chef (or if you want them to be!)  This personalized wedding gift for the husband or wife will look absolutely amazing in your kitchen.

7. Hand-Written Love Letter

Wedding Card for Groom

Shop: WarwickSunday

A handwritten note is one of the easiest wedding gifts that often turns out to be the best. Save some money and simply let your fiancé know why you love them so much and can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them.  Find a 'to my bride' card here.

8. Night Sky of Your Wedding Night

Constellation Wedding Night

Shop: OurLoveWasBorn

This thoughtful wedding gift will touch the heart of your significant other.  Whether you choose the night you met, fell in love, or your wedding night - you can't go wrong!  Pick a night that means a lot to the both of you, and reminisce about that night sky for years to come.

9. Custom Wedding Photo Drawing

Wedding Drawing

Shop: PrettyPrintedCo

An adorable way to remember your wedding day!  This custom wedding drawing is such a cute wedding gift for the bride and groom gift exchange.  Your spouse will love this - and the fact that you can include your pet!

10. Personalized Wedding Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey Set for Newlyweds

Shop: The WeddingPartyStore

If either or both of you are whiskey fiends, this makes for the perfect wedding gift!  This personalized whiskey decanter set will be a fun way to celebrate your marriage.

11. Framed Wedding Vows

Framed Wedding Vows

Shop: EmmaAndTheBean

Wedding vows are forever - so why not frame them?  If you're looking for a unique wedding gift for the bride or groom, this is it!  Framed wedding vows also make for a gorgeous decoration in your home together. 

12. Engraved Beer Glasses

23 Unique Presents for the Bride & Groom Gift Exchange | The Wedding Shoppe

Shop: EverythingEngravedAZ

A little liquid courage never hurt anyone!  Buy your bride or groom their favorite booze and a few personalized glasses to go with it. (This is especially great for couples who love to hit the breweries.)  Personalized wine and beer glasses, growlers, flasks, and even whiskey barrels are available. 

Bride & Groom Gift Etiquette

While it’s tradition for the bride and groom to exchange gifts, there are no rules to how much you should spend!  You can choose to invest a bit more money in traditional items (think jewelry and watches.)  Or, you can opt for more creative wedding gift ideas. This choice tends to be nicer on the wallet.  These wedding presents could include personalized items or thoughtful scrapbooks!

On the wedding day, when is the best time for the bride and groom to exchange gifts?  Again, there are no set rules, so feel free to choose whatever fits into your schedule.  Common times to exchange wedding gifts are after the first look or right before the ceremony.  This gives the bride and groom time to take a breather together before hitting the aisle.  Or, if you aren’t planning on seeing each other pre-ceremony, have the maid of honor and best man deliver the gifts.

Are you ready for the bride and groom gift exchange?

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