10 Tips for Beach Wedding Dresses & Accessories

10 Tips for Beach Wedding Dresses & Accessories
There's nothing like one of the coldest days of the year to spark the desire for a blog about the beach! It's cold days like today that have us dreaming of sunshine, white sand, and of course that perfect white gown for your special day. While waterfront weddings sound like pure sunshine, they aren't always a breeze. Let's make your day easier! One of the most important parts of your special day is radiating confidence. Feel good about your beachy day with these tips to help you find your perfect ensemble.

10 Tips for Beach Wedding Dresses


1. Never go out of style.

Regardless of ceremony location, style is essential. I'm not just talking about wearing the latest trends. I'm talking about dressing for timeless trends that make you look and feel like your most beautiful self. Beach wedding dresses come in all sorts of styles, making it easy for all brides to find a gown that is perfect for a multitude of shapes and sizes. Knowing your body is step one of finding yourself 'the one.' Is a flowy babydoll dress the appearance you're going for? Or maybe you're more like me, and you gravitate toward the always-flattering A-line. Learn what's right for your body type >> One of the best suggestions we can give about shore style is to be wary of your skirt length. Long trains don't do well in sandy settings. Make sure you allow enough time to get the right alterations for that perfect sand-skimming length. Encore-by-Watters-Hydrangea Encore-by-Watters-Camellia Going for a shorter ensemble is another option! Beach nuptials tend to be more casual, so why not show off those tan legs of yours? Knee-length or tea-length gowns are an awesome way to avoid alterations and damage due to sand. Let us help you find the perfect design for you >>

2. Get your bearings.

While most of us think white sand when we hear 'destination wedding,' this isn't always the case. Living in the land of 10,000 lakes offers a multitude of waterfront and outdoor settings. Knowing your location is essential to picking out the perfect ensemble. Certain designs, colors, and accents translate better by the ocean than they might up on the North Shore. The terrain will vary from place to place, and the temperature is another crucial factor in planning. Check out what the average weather is in your location for the month so you can plan accordingly. Not sure what your day will bring? No worries! Many of our designers offer gorgeous add-ons, like caplets and boleros, for dresses, so you can cover up if need be! See what options you have here >>

3. Feel good in your fabric.

Location is the perfect lead-in to our next tip: fabric! Voyage-by-Mori-Lee-6765 Voyage-by-Mori-Lee-6762 Not all materials are created equal--especially when it comes to beach wear. If your destination is somewhere warm, you'll definitely want to take that into account when shopping for the perfect attire. Lightweight textiles are a must have for white sand ceremonies. Kennedy-Blue-Avery Kennedy-Blue-Kate Here's a list of some of the best (and our favorites!) for big days on the beach: -chiffon  -crepe  -cotton eyelet  -cotton organdy  -organza  -georgette  -lace  -charmeuse  

4. Try skipping the veil.

Outdoor nuptials are certainly subjected to the elements, as we mentioned earlier. Your wardrobe, therefore, is also subjected to Mother Nature's spontaneity. This can make veils tough for outdoor weddings, especially when seaside. Maggie-Sottero-Reese Maggie-Sottero-Alexa With the ocean breeze or the wind off the lake, fabric can go flying. You want to focus on your big day, not on readjusting your veil with every new bluster that comes your way. While we love the touch veils can add to your style, comfort and functionality are more important for a relaxing day at the beach. Save the veil for some incredible photos, or try a short birdcage design.

5. But don't skip accessories!

Just because a veil isn't the best when seaside, doesn't mean other accessories aren't! Make a statement with a bold bracelet. Or, if your neckline permits, add a lovely necklace to glam up your appearance. Both of these will cause fewer worries with the weather, and still give you the opportunity to add your own style and flair. Hayley-Paige-Luca Hayley-Paige-Conrad Earrings can also be a great way to add a unique touch. Again, be mindful of the wind. Large dangling earrings might pose problems if it's an especially blustery day -- you don't want them getting tangled in your hair! See all of our accessories >>

6. Be comfortable from head...

While we're on the topic... wind can be a real pain when it comes to keeping your 'do in place. Free and flowy hair might be what you picture for hitting the sand, however, a pinned hairdo might be more practical. We want your groom to be able to stare at that gorgeous face of yours without flyaways distracting him. Hair accessories are another fabulous way to add a fun and flirty touch--while still being practical. These accessories are one of my favorite trends lately. They're the perfect combination of breezy boho and sophisticated elegance. A glitzy headband or haircomb may be just what you need to keep those beautiful locks in place. Check out what's new at the Wedding Shoppe >>

7. ...To toe!

Shoes are another big concern for beach brides. Ever tried to walk in sand with heels? I wouldn't recommend it. In case I haven't repeated myself enough, knowing your location is key to picking out the perfect shoes. Some waterfront locations have wooden platforms lightly covered with sand, which make heels possible. However, flats or sandals tend to be the easiest for most ceremonies. We suggest finding something that you can slip on and off fairly easy, just in case you get a little unwanted sand between your toes. Voyage-by-Mori-Lee-6741 Voyage-by-Mori-Lee-6745 Still want a little bit of a boost? What about wedges? The thicker heel will give you a bit more stability in the sand without taking away the height you're looking for. Another idea (one of my favorites!) is to just ditch the shoes all together! We've been seeing more couples offering a "shoe station," a place where guests can slip off their sandals before they hit the sand. Why not join them? Go for comfort and ease by going barefoot.

8. Get your gown from point A to B by asking the right Q's.

When I think beach weddings, I think of jumping on a big silver bird and flying to somewhere the sun's a little warmer (especially on days like today!) Brides, traveling with your gown can be a little tricky so here are some tips:
  • Call the airline before hand to see what accommodations they may have.
  • Ask if there is a closet in first class that you can hang your dress in, even if you're not sitting there.
  • Carry your dress with you to save yourself from the nightmare of lost luggage.
  • Some brides buy a second seat for their dress. This can be spendy, but certainly saves you on worry.
  • Talk to your hotel about steaming services if necessary.
  • Check with your bridal store to see if they can ship directly to your hotel for you.
Like we said before, not all fabrics are created equal. Some materials that travel easier include: lace, chiffon silk, and charmeuse. Consider these when purchasing a destination gown.

9. Break down the numbers: Budget.

As with a church, a mountain, or even a Vegas wedding, budgets are important. Having an idea about what you're willing to spend is important to the planning process. Destination ceremonies might incur some extra costs due to travel, but, lucky for you, many of our designers offer perfect gowns for very reasonable prices! Saving a couple dollars here and there is an easy way to relieve some of your planning stress. Encore-by-Watters-Willow Encore-by-Watters-Spruce

10. Roll with the tide.

Last, but certainly not least, our final tip is all about flexibility! There are so many factors that can affect any outdoor ceremony. While we want you to be aware of the possibilities, we don't want you to stress about them. Remember this day is about the love you share with your soon-to-be-hubby, not about the precipitation percentage your weather app is forecasting. You can only control so much, the rest is up to Mother Nature. Have an open mind and a solid plan, and you'll have a gorgeous day, regardless of what the beach may bring. As your one stop wedding shop, we're here to make your day easy, whether it's in Minnesota or Mexico!​ You may also like...

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