10 Ideas for Remembering Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

10 Ideas for Remembering Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day
Your wedding is a special day, perhaps the biggest day of your life. So when someone you love has passed on and can no longer celebrate with you, it’s incredibly hard. How do we remember loved ones in ways that keep emotions in check and the focus on the joy of the day? With a little help from your comments on Facebook, I’ve come up with a list of 10 ideas for remembering loved ones. How to remember loved ones on your wedding day

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10 Way to Remember Loved Ones at Your Wedding:

1. Wedding Memorial Candles

Lighting candles is a great way to remember lost loved ones without losing the joy of your day. Place them on the church altar, near your guest book, or set up a table with wedding memorial candles and photos of those they are lit for.

2. Prayers or Quotes for Lost Loved Ones

Many couples choose to say a prayer or quote in memory of those who could not be with them. Some of my favorite quotes for lost loved ones include: “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed, and very dear.” “We know you would be here today if Heaven wasn’t so far way.”  “Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.” -- (From one of my favorite Avett Brothers’ tunes)

3. Carry a Reminder

Still looking for your ‘something old’? Make it memorable by wrapping a piece of your grandmother’s dress around your bouquet. Cut a blue heart from your dad’s old shirt and sew it into the lining of your dress. Your groom could wear his father’s old cufflinks or perhaps his grandfather’s tie. Wear your grandma’s pearls or your mother’s dress. Whatever you choose, having something they wore or treasured close to your heart will help you remember that they’re there with you in some way.
Remembering Loved Ones Quotes for Lost Loved Ones

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4. Save a Seat

Many couples are saving a seat for loved ones they’ve lost. You could place a photo of them on a seat at your ceremony and add their favorite flowers or a quote.

5. Celebrate Their Birthday

A few of our brides on Facebook said that they were remembering loved ones by getting married on their birthday! I think this is such a special idea. If you still haven’t picked a date, consider this unique trend.

6. Decide on Décor

Were your mother’s favorite flowers lilies? Was your brother’s favorite color blue? If you want to keep a memorial subtle, choose wedding décor with them in mind. Use family photos as centerpieces or create a unique display with them. I recommend Pinterest for your DIY décor ideas.

7. A Special Song

It always breaks my heart when a bride can’t dance with her father on her special day. I’ve seen a lot of wedding videos where brides share a dance with their new father-in-law, brother, or father-figure to honor and enjoy the moment. If this is too hard for you, ask all of the fathers and daughters in the audience to dance in your place. The same goes for a groom who has lost his mother. Play their favorite song, or replace this moment with a prayer or memorial toast.

8. Favorite Foods

Looking for a fun way to remember your lost loved ones? Serve their favorite food, dessert, their signature recipe at the reception. Food brings family together, right?

9. A Moment to Remember

One of my favorite ideas you shared with us was a lantern or butterfly release. Do it during the ceremony, or at the end of the night. This beautiful memorial will be a moment every guest remembers.

10. Remember Them in Your Own Way

Perhaps keeping lost loved ones in your thoughts throughout the day is all you need, and that’s completely fine. This wedding should be a joyous occasion filled with happy memories and beautiful moments. Remembering lost loved ones can be difficult, so do it with care and exactly how you want.

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