10 Best Wedding Planning Apps of 2015

10 Best Wedding Planning Apps of 2015
The year: 2015. Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone without a smartphone, let alone someone without a smartphone in his/her hands—right this second. Because we’ve whole-heartedly embraced the technology revolution pertaining to everything from the way we read the news to the way we take photos, why not also use your smartphone to your big day advantage? Check out these 10 fabulous apps that will not only make planning easier, but also possibly a lot more fun.

The Best Wedding Planning Apps of 2015:


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1.) Wedding Party (Free)

Can’t come up with the perfect hashtag for your nuptials? Wedding Party makes it so you don’t have to. While the hired photographer captures the perfect traditional photos, Wedding Party lets you, your bridal party, and your guests share more candid photos of the festivities all in one place. Not only can you snap photos, but you can also create GIFs and take advantage of the new “photo booth” option. Organize everything easily by event albums, and you can even use Wedding Party to keep track of dates, share event logistics, and distribute registry and accommodation information.

2.) Wedding Countdown (Free)

For brides and grooms who just can’t wait to tie the knot, Wedding Countdown is a fun reminder of the time left before the big day. You can use any combination of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds—you can even use units like “heartbeats” and “kisses.” Personalize your countdown with special photos, songs, and fonts, and you can share snapshots of your countdown on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’re feeling extra organized, you can use it to countdown bridal showers, bachelorette parties, your honeymoon, or any other pre- or –post nuptial activities that you so desire.

3.) Wedding LookBook by The Knot (Free)

If you’re just starting to plan, and you’re dying to find the perfect dress, look no further than this app from The Knot. Here, you can browse every style from ball gown to mermaid. Once you find something you love, Wedding LookBook connects you to salons that carry dresses and designers that you’ve set your eye on. You can bookmark dresses—and even engagement rings and bands—as you shop, so you can come back to look at your favorites later. You can also browse accessories and speak to shops directly to set up appointments. Check out the Shoppe’s listing to read reviews and get started! bridesmaids-on-phones

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4.) Wedding Happy Wedding Planner (Free)

Getting your big day in order can be overwhelming at times—especially if you aren’t completely organized by nature. Having the Wedding Happy Wedding Planner creates a customized schedule for you based on your date, complete with checklists and suggested due dates to help you stay on task. You can also use Wedding Planner to locate and contact vendors, share your progress via social media, and email individual tasks to yourself, friends, family, or future spouse.

5.) myPANTONE ($9.99)

If you’re willing to cough up a little more dough for this one, you will not be let down. With all of the stress of every other aspect of planning, choosing color schemes and hues can be a total nightmare when deciding how to decorate. With myPANTONE you can simply choose one color you’d like to complement and the app does the rest for you. You can create beautiful color palettes and easily share them with friends, decorators, and others so no one on the decorating side feels in the dark or unsure of your specific color preferences.

6.) Wedding Budget (Free)

With every big day, there comes a budget. With Wedding Budget you can cut the stress level and track every expense so you can always tell if you’re within your means—just by picking up your phone. You can create different categories and items (venues, honeymoon, dress, flowers, etc.), and view them all at any time with easy-to-read graphs and numbers. groom-on-iphone

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7.) MyRegistry.com (Free)

Make gift-giving-and-getting easier than ever with MyRegistry.com’s app. You can create a registry or login to an existing registry and add gifts anywhere in the world by scanning the item’s barcode with your phone. Even gifts from stores without websites can be added with the “offline” option, or you can register for cash gifts by creating a cash gift fund.

8.) Wedding Table Planner ($0.99)

Can’t bear to look at those hundreds of pieces of paper lying on your kitchen table, trying desperately to find the best place to seat Uncle Bob? Recycle those puppies and enter everything into Wedding Table Planner. You can add as many tables as needed, and guests can be swapped in and out as many times as it takes for you to get it just right. You can import guests from your iPhone contacts, type them in, or paste them from your notes. When you’re done, you can easily export your seating chart to email, or print it out with the simple click of a button. If you’re a visually organized person, this app is for you.

9.) Spotify (Free or $10 for Premium)

For any busy bride- or –groom-to-be, Spotify is here to keep you entertained through the long hours of prepping, or can be used during a much-needed break. You can search for any track, album, or artist for free, make and share playlists, and get personal recommendations and readymade playlists for any occasion—this includes your reception. If you want to cut down on DJ costs, upgrade to Spotify Premium for a small fee so you can play your favorite tunes all night long without the disruption of annoying ads. They even have pre-made reception playlists filled with your guests’ favorite songs! bridesmaids-taking-a-selfie

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10.) Pinterest (Free)

When in doubt, it’s probably on Pinterest. Brides-to-be swear by the powers of Pinterest for everything from decorating to dresses to hair to the best ways to save money. It’s all there in the palm of your hands. The app is extremely easy to navigate and it just may hold the perfect updo and/or signature cocktail recipe. The only thing you need to do is explore! Did we miss any of your favorite wedding planning apps? Share them with us in the comments below! You may also like...

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Great list Samantha- I think wedding countdown is naturally a favourite but the table planner app is actually surprisingly helpful!

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