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Illusion Neckline

The illusion neckline can be thought of as featuring two necklines: a strapless neckline, and a sheer panel of fabric (typically lace, tulle, organza, or other netted fabric), which attaches to the bodice (usually at the waistline), and extends upward, forming the second, higher neckline. (See also: Illusion Sleeves.)

The illusion neckline often mimics the style of conservative necklines, but is certainly not limited to these styles. (Note: Even when it features a high neckline style, the illusion neckline is not considered a temple ready style.)

San Patrick Bridal Gown Rene combines the sweetheart neckline with a bateau neckline, and beautifully exemplifies the illusion neckline:
Illusion NecklineIllusion Neckline
San Patrick Bridal Gown Rene

Benefits of the Illusion Neckline:

  • The illusion neckline is a classic, elegant style
  • Shows just enough skin, making this a beautiful fusion of modern style and conservative style
  • The popular strapless neckline, with the added support of sleeves

Things to consider:

  • Some people may find the netted fabrics used to form the illusion neckline scratchy or uncomfortable
    • To easily solve this, make sure your gown features a soft, well-made netted fabric or lace

    The V-Neck Illusion
    As previously stated, the illusion neckline doesn't always feature a high neckline style. The v-neck is another style that is commonly seen with the illusion neckline.

    Watters and Watters Bridal Gown San Francisco is a gorgeous dress, and serves as a great example of the illusion v-neck:

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