Bosom Couture Boob Glue


Product details

Ditch the dress tape and sticky bras and check out this gravity-defying adhesive that adds lift and support to any bust size!

Bosom Couture Boob Glue is a revolutionary roll-on adhesive that instantly enhances the appearance of the breasts by keeping them positioned exactly where you want them. Not only does it work to support and lift, but it also can be used to keep strapless bras in place, to tuck away underarm side bulge, to keep low cut necklines in place, and so much more!

Boob Glue is also much more sanitary than sticky bras. While sticky bras harbor humidity and perspiration, Boob Glue has alcohol in it which maintains a much more sterile environment for the skin!

About Bosom Couture Boob Glue:

  • Goes on clear, dries fast, won’t stain fabric, and rinses off easily with soap and water
  • Dermatologically reviewed, allergy tested, and non-irritating
  • Latex, silicone, and Paraben free
  • Both water-soluble and perspiration resistant (not waterproof)
  • Manufactured in the USA

Uses for Bosum Couture Boob Glue:

  • Lift and support breasts of all sizes
  • Creates cleavage in any top
  • Tuck away underarm side bulge
  • Keep off-the-should tops in place
  • Keep strapless bras from slipping

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