How To Prepare for Your Bridal Appointment

Congratulations on your engagement! You already found the person you are meant to be with; let us help you find the perfect dress you are meant to marry them in! We want your experience to be as enjoyable as it can possibly be, so we’ve compiled some tips for going wedding dress shopping.

Bridal Appointment Tips

Book An Appointment

Appointments are highly recommended. This is so that we can schedule our staff accordingly and so every bride can have an amazing shopping experience and get all her needs fulfilled and questions answered. We will do our best to accommodate walk-ins whenever we can.

Do Your Homework

Figure out which styles you like by browsing our website, magazines or Pinterest. Bring pictures to your appointment, and define a realistic budget. We do not carry every item from the website in-store due to space, but your consultant will be able to help you find similar products.

Avoid Saturdays

There’s no other way to put it: Saturdays at the Shoppe are totally bonkers! Be prepared for the hustle and bustle or, if possible, schedule an appointment on a weekday for a more personalize experience.

*Please note that our advice for wedding dress shopping is geared specifically toward the Wedding Shoppe customer, and it’s important to remember that every bridal boutique is different, so policies may vary from business to business. By all means make sure you double check anything you aren’t sure about.

7 Common Questions About Bridal Appointments

Q. What does the shopping process look like?

A. When you first get to the shop, you will check in at our podium or front desk and will be greeted by your consultant. After discussing details about your big day, your consultant will pull a few gowns that she thinks will be best based on your style and suggestions. Their job is to help you find your dress, so be honest about what you like and dislike!

Q. What should I wear to my bridal appointment?

A. Your consultant will be in the fitting room with you, helping you in and out of each gown, so make sure you wear undergarments you don’t mind her seeing you in. We have strapless bras for you to use during your appointment, but feel free to bring or wear your own.

Also, if you have specific accessories or shoes that you know you'll be wearing with the gown, be sure to bring those so we can ensure your gown is a perfect match!

Q. Who should I bring to my bridal appointment?

A. Choosing your wedding dress is a huge event! Most brides have several special people they want to share the experience with and it can be hard to limit the guest list. Keep in mind that inviting too many opinions can be distracting and take the focus off of you, something you definitely don’t want when looking for your dress. Choose a few guests who know you and your style well and whose opinions you trust the most.

Q. Is it appropriate to bring children? 

A. Keep in mind that this is your special day to find your dream dress and children can often be distracting. We request that any children you invite be able to remain still for an extended period of time, not only so they don’t take the attention away from you, but also for safety reasons. Again, we don’t want to distract from this being a special day for you and for the other brides in our shop.

Q. Can I take photos in the wedding dresses?

A. Of course! Feel free to take pictures of yourself in your favorite gowns. We love our brides and love seeing them in their dresses, so make sure to tag us if you post on social media! #shoppebride

Q. I found THE dress! Now what?

A. Once you’ve found your dress, your consultant will take your measurements and go over the manufacturer’s sizing chart with you to help you choose the size that will fit you best. Once you have chosen a size, you will pay in full and your order will be placed! The dress will typically take 4-6 months to arrive, depending on the designer.

Q. Will I need alterations on my bridal gown?  

A. We order your dress according to the manufacturer’s size chart, in an effort to limit the amount of alterations, but almost every bride still needs alterations to customize a gown’s fit. The Wedding Shoppe has created a convenient seamstress finder on our website to help you discover a vendor in your area.