Sheath Wedding Dresses

Stunning sheath wedding dresses, from detailed lace to long sleeves.

What Is A Sheath Wedding Dress?

Sheath wedding dresses are characterized by their close & cozy fit to the body. They are known to hug the curves, and are fitted from top to bottom. So, this is the perfect style for brides looking for a form-fitting, yet comfortable silhouette!

Gorgeous Styles of Sheath Wedding Dresses Brides Are Loving

Like any silhouette, sheath wedding dresses come in so many different styles and tastes. You can go for a glam look with sparkles and structure, or you find simple fabrics like satin or jersey. Here are some of the top sheath wedding dress styles that brides are currently looking for!

  • Lace Sheath Wedding Dresses: Delicate details like lace complement the sheath silhouette beautifully.
  • Long Sleeve Sheath Wedding Dresses: Choose from detachable sleeves to off the shoulder!
  • Simple Sheath Wedding Dresses: Satin sheath wedding dresses are a current favorite - for their simplicity and elegance.

What Size Sheath Wedding Dress Do I Wear?

There is no universal size chart when it comes to wedding dresses. That’s because each wedding dress designer has their own size chart! So, your wedding dress size will vary depending on which dress you end up choosing! In a lot of cases, wedding dresses tend to run a couple sizes smaller than what you’re used to with your everyday clothing. So, you’ll need to check out the specific size chart for the dress you fall in love with. If you try on dresses in store, a stylist can professionally take your measurements to get your best fit!

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