Elegant Wedding Dresses

Elegant wedding dresses, from satin to ball gowns.

Classy Wedding Dresses for Your Elegant Wedding

Elegant wedding dresses are known for being classic, timeless, and stunning! So, why wouldn’t you want an elegant wedding dress style? The best part about this look is that it can go in so many different directions. Some brides prefer the simple elegant vibe, such as simple fabrics like satin. Other brides love a more extravagant take on the elegant look, which can include everything from ball gown to mermaid silhouettes. Choose from a variety of necklines too! From sweetheart to v neck wedding dresses, there are so many elegant bridal gowns to pick from.

Elegant Wedding Dress Styles That Are Favorites Among Brides

So, you know you want a dress that screams elegance, but what exactly do you have in mind? To help you get started, these are some trending styles that brides are often looking for!

  • Simple Elegant Wedding Dresses: Simple & minimal are elements often paired with sleek elegance! By keeping details minimal and fabrics thoughtful, elegance is oftentimes a result.
  • Elegant Satin Wedding Dresses: Satin is a fabric known to exude elegance. This classy, timeless fabric gives off the look of expensive and polished.
  • Elegant Ball Gown Wedding Dresses: Ball gown silhouettes demand attention and will always steal the show. This style is perfect for brides who want the elegant princess look!

Where Can I Find Elegant Wedding Dresses?

There are so many different elegant wedding dress designers, brands, and styles to choose from! At the Wedding Shoppe, you can choose from designers like Maggie Sottero (we know you’ll love their Sottero & Midgley line!) They designed some of the most popular elegant wedding dresses styles, such as satin styles Aspen & Scarlet. We also love Morilee when it comes to elegant wedding dresses with detail and charm. Watters also offers dresses that exude elegance, such as the whimsical Magnolia style.

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