Woodrow & Claudine: Madison Square Park Marriage Proposal

Madison Square Park Marriage Proposal

Typically, marriage proposals follow a romantic and intimate evening – but not for this couple. For Woodrow and Claudine, “Will you marry me?” required flash mobs, props, choreographed performances, cameras, & Madison Square Park. This Madison Square Park proposal for Claudine is, hands down, one of the most unique marriage proposals ever.  Woodrow, a circus school graduate, and his filmmaking buddies set up an extravagant marriage proposal in Madison Square Park.  As Woodrow and his beloved Claudine take a stroll though Madison Square Park in NYC they are approached by a couple men asking for a quick interview for their documentary.  After some convincing, the filmmakers direct Claudine to sit while they ask Woodrow a few questions.  Before you know it, the music starts, the dancers casually take their place, and there you have it.  Woodrow publicly gives his lady a performance, describes how much he loves her, and wraps it up on his knee asking for Claudine’s hand in marriage. Nice job, Woodrow. Researching proposal ideas is a great way to come up with your own unique ways to propose, although the Claudine and Woodrow proposal may be hard to top. Would you like a proposal like this Madison Square Park proposal or something more intimate?

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