When are Your Dream Wedding Flowers in Season?

When are Your Dream Wedding Flowers in Season?
What will be in bloom on your big day? It’s a question every bride should ask herself if she wants to stay on budget. You need to consider affordable options for your bridal bouquet, especially if you’re planning a fall or winter wedding. I’ve organized a list of wedding flowers by season so that you can narrow down your options to the most beautiful and budget-friendly. You may have to say goodbye to daisies or dahlias, but I guarantee you’ll find something to love.

A List of Wedding Flowers by Season:

Spring Wedding Flowers:

You’ll find some of the most gorgeous options in the springtime. Everything else is in bloom, so your bridal bouquet should follow suit! One of my favorite buds for spring brides is the tulip. It’s classic, chic, and available in a variety of vibrant colors. Lilies are always a gorgeous choice, or go with the Pantone Color of the Year and choose orchids! The list of spring flowers may feel endless, so talk to your local florist and discuss affordable combinations.
Spring Wedding Flowers Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer Wedding Flowers:

I may have spoken too soon about your endless list of options—the summer list may be longer. Summer weddings are meant to be colorful, so go a little crazy with your bridal bouquet. You may even find that some of the spring flowers are also available for summer (not complaining here!). If you’re a backyard bride or planning a rustic wedding, send a trusted bridesmaid to the local farmer’s market the morning of your big day. Have her mix and match wild flowers or other wedding flowers in season and I guarantee you’ll save big. Not only will you be supporting local farmers, but you’ll have a one-of-a-kind bouquet to remember.

Fall Wedding Flowers:

I personally love autumn flowers. Many brides think that a late-season wedding will limit their floral options, but that’s not the case! When I started organizing these wedding flowers by season, I noticed that some of the most unique options fell within fall. This is also the season to start experimenting with greenery! If you find your favorite flowers are too expensive this time of year, combine vibrant flowers with greenery. Or embrace the harvest and carry a stock of wheat!
Fall Wedding Flowers Winter Wedding Flowers

Winter Wedding Flowers:

If you’re planning a holiday wedding, your bridal bouquet will be easy. Go with holly berries, poinsettias, or a greenery bouquet and you’ll bring it all together. Roses or carnations are always a fabulous fallback if you can’t find affordable flowers. If you want to create your dream bouquet in the snowiest of months, make your own! Faux flowers don’t have to be tacky, especially if you make your own bridal bouquet. Read our recent blog on this DIY wedding flower project, and you’ll get the perfect, affordable bouquet any time of year.

What flowers will make up your wedding? Share your favorite wedding flowers by season below!

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