Q&A: All About Junior Bridesmaids

You might be wondering, just what is a junior bridesmaid? A junior bridesmaid is a very special member of your wedding party. This little lady is usually between the ages of 8-16; not quite old enough to be a full-fledged bridesmaid, but too old to be considered a flower girl. Many couples will choose to honor sisters, nieces, children of attendants, or their own children with this special title. Today on My Wedding Chat, we're answering a few of your questions about junior bridesmaids. What is a Junior Bridesmaid?

What is a junior bridesmaid expected to do?

A junior bridesmaid can be given several duties to help them feel like an important member of your wedding party. These special little ladies can help other bridesmaids with planning the bridal shower, making favors, and cleaning up after events. She should attend events like the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, but not the bachelorette party (unless you're doing a spa day or something age-appropriate for her to attend). Your junior bridesmaid might help out with such duties as seating guests, handing out programs, or other small things. She will also walk down the aisle during the ceremony either escorted by a junior groomsmen or alone.

Should I find matching bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid dresses?

Many brides are able to find matching bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid dresses for their attendants. Some designers will even carry a range of dress sizes intentionally for this purpose. However, it is not necessary for your junior 'maid to match your full-fledged attendants, just like it isn't necessary for any of your bridesmaids to match! Choosing not to have matching dresses can help your ladies to feel more distinctive and comfortable on your special day. One thing you should keep in mind when shopping for junior bridesmaid dresses is modesty. Younger ladies should dress for their age, which might mean having a seamstress alter a bridesmaid dress to be more appropriate. Check out our junior bridesmaid dress collection!>>
Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Matching bridesmaid dresses

What are a few good ideas for junior bridesmaid gifts?

Depending on the age of your junior 'maid, you can use the same bridesmaid gifts that the rest of your ladies are getting (as long as it isn't a flask or something too adult). However, just because she may not fully appreciate the gift now, doesn't mean you shouldn't get her one as well. If you get all your other attendants a designer purse, but don't think she'd recognize the significance, you can get her a more age-appropriate bag. If you get her something completely different, though, she might feel left out. If your junior lady is much younger or your bridesmaid gifts truly aren't appropriate for her, another idea to consider is something personalized for her, like a frame for her to remember the day by, or a certificate for the two of you to do something fun together!

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June 29, 2020 08:09

What should you do if you have two best friends who you would like to be the maid of honour but you only want one Maid of honour for your wedding?

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