How to Choose Between Wedding Veil Styles

There are many theories on the origin of the wedding veil, and they differ between cultures. Some say bridal veils were used to hide the bride from evil spirits or other suitors; others argue a veil was only a status symbol. Today, a wedding veil is simply a fashion accessory used to complement the dress and distinguish the bride. Fashion has evolved over time, resulting in many different options for wedding veil styles.

wedding veil styles

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Different wedding veil styles complement different bridal gowns.

Make sure that the style of your veil matches the style of your dress. This is perhaps the most important tip for choosing between wedding veil styles. If your dress has an informal or vintage design, then a birdcage veil may work perfectly for you. The birdcage veil gets its name from the netting material it's made from, which resembles a cage. If your gown is formal, traditional, or your wedding is particularly religious, a cathedral veil may be fitting. If your dress boasts a dramatic train, the length and splendor of a cathedral veil could be the perfect complement.

Personalize bridal veils by adding details.

Your veil can be used to add pizzazz to a simple gown. Adorning your veil with a tiara creates a regal look. The addition of beading or ribbon trim to your veil is another way to add a personal touch. We love when brides ask a seamstress to add lace or other inherited adornments to their bridal veils as their ‘something old.’ The options are endless!
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The best bridal veils are beautiful and comfortable.

More important than the look of your veil is how you feel in it. When shopping, you should always try different wedding veil styles on while wearing your gown to find one that fits comfortably and suits your dress. Also, if you are wearing a blusher veil that covers your face, you may want to test it with your makeup on to make sure nothing rubs off onto the delicate fabric.

What are you favorite wedding veil styles and shopping tips?

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I’m not sure if I’ll wear a veil, but it’s nice to know what my options are! Thanks!

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“Perhaps the most important tip for choosing between wedding veil styles is…” Find out!

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