Week Four of Wedding Trends: Low Backs and Bridal Ball Gowns

Week Four of Wedding Trends: Low Backs and Bridal Ball Gowns
As I looked through this week’s top pins, I began to notice something. As much as we love silky sheath gowns and long lace dresses, there’s something about bridal ball gowns that reminds us of our childhood wedding dreams. Ball gowns is one of this week’s top wedding trends thanks to that little girl whispering in our ear and reminding us to be a princess. Speaking of childhood, I noticed toddler flower girl dresses getting a lot of attention this week—no surprise since they’re so dang adorable. And finally, a few of my favorite styles are stunning from every angle. Low back and backless gowns are always getting re-pinned, even by yours truly. I picked my favorites, and these dresses will turn heads when you turn around. Alright, let’s look through your top pins and once again discuss this week’s wedding trends.
Maggie Sottero Esme Sottero and Midgley Angelette

Embrace your inner princess in bridal ball gowns.

Many brides believe that ball gowns are over the top or out of style. However, plenty of designers have taken this silhouette and done a few twists on the traditional. You won’t drown in bridal ball gowns anymore. Imagine yourself floating down the aisle in one of the Maggie Sottero wedding dresses above. Just enough glitz to evoke luxury, and all the right fabrics to make you feel fabulous. I recommend Maggie Sottero or Allure for your bridal ball gowns if you’re looking for trendy yet timeless styles.
Tara Keely TK2403 Tara Keely TK2403

Turn heads when you turn around in low back wedding dresses.

You pinned them and I picked them. My favorite wedding trend of the week is low back (or backless!) wedding gowns. Not sure if this look is for you? It will definitely take a focused pre-wedding workout to feel great in a backless gown. But if you’re confident, I promise that jaws will drop as low as the back of your dress. The key is to find a backless bridal gown that’s supportive in every other area. Make sure your bust is taken care of, and your waist is still defined. And even though your gown is backless, you still need a bra! We carry a variety of bridal undergarments that may work perfectly. And for the workout, search Pinterest for ideas! Plenty of brides have shared their pre-wedding workout tips.
Watters Seahorse Flower Girl Dress Emme Watters Seahorse Flower Girl Dress Sasha

Toddler flower girl dresses are just too dang cute.

I was so excited to see adorable flower girls all over the boards this week. One of my favorite flower girl designers was re-pinned a lot. The Watters Seahorse collection designs unique styles, using appliqués and a variety of silhouettes to spice things up. You’ll love the color options to choose from, and I’m sure your littlest lady will too! Start shopping toddler flower girl dresses from this designer and more.

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