Why the Wedding Signature Cocktail Deserves its Popularity

Why the Wedding Signature Cocktail Deserves its Popularity
You’ve probably heard of the recent fad in wedding reception ideas: the signature cocktail. A signature cocktail is a specialty drink of your choice that is the highlight of the wedding menu. A custom drink can be created with or without alcohol to accommodate all of your guests, and it may even save you money! It is also a great way to tie in a theme or show off your personality as a couple.

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Popular wedding reception ideas are well-loved for a reason.

Just because everyone and their brother is creating a signature cocktail for their wedding, doesn’t mean it won’t make your wedding special! There are literally an unlimited number of options to choose from when creating your wedding drink. Personalize your drink, and it will be as unique as the two of you and your wedding! Something with rum or tropical fruit is great for a beach wedding. For winter weddings, a sweet bourbon drink to warm you up may be a nice option. Come up with a cute or funny name for your new cocktail that you can carry on after the wedding; reviving your drink is a wonderful way to celebrate anniversaries and other special occasions!

Serving a signature cocktail can help keep you on budget.

Offering an open bar at any wedding can add up very quickly. An effective way to give your guests variety, but still stay within your wedding budget, is to limit the wedding menu to beer, wine, and a signature drink. If you’re having a backyard wedding, you can also pre-mix your custom drink into a punch bowl or individual servings (think mason jars!) to save the cost of a bartender.
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Serve items off your wedding menu in a fun way.

Make your wedding menu items even more fun by serving everything in themed glassware and flatware. Personalized glasses can even double as favors or décor. Consider having waiters pass out drinks and hors d’oeuvres for an added touch of elegance. Any way you serve it, a carefully chosen signature cocktail is sure to end up as one of your favorite wedding reception ideas!

Did you, or are you planning to, have a signature cocktail at your reception? What other wedding menu ideas do you have? Share with us below!

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May 16, 2019 07:28

Our signature drink was pomegranate martinis poured from an ice luge and it was great fun for everyone. It also helped reduce long waits at the traditional bars.

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