Wedding Invitation Wording: Samples and Etiquette

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of selecting invitations. With so many beautiful designs to choose from, you may lose sight of the details. What is the correct wedding invitation wording? What details do you need to include? We’ve compiled a list of must-haves for your invites, freeing you up to focus on the more important decisions, like the color scheme and unique design!

Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording: Simple samples.

The examples below follow a simple, traditional template. You will find that couples change phrasing here and there, but we recommend sticking to these layouts as much as possible. Clarity should be your top priority, after all. You want every guest to be on time and at the right location. Shop all of our  stationary to find a look you love >>
Wedding Invitation Sample Wedding Invitation Template

The following sample is an invite in its simplest form:

Line one: The full names of those hosting the wedding ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Smith

Line two: A formal request, inviting guests to the event.

request the honor of your presence

Line three: An explanation of the bride’s relationship to the host.

at the marriage of their daughter

Line four: The bride’s first and middle names.

McKenzie Christine

Line five: The groom’s full name.

to Jeffrey James Anderson

Line six: The date of the event, including the day of the week and the month.

Saturday the fifteenth of August

Line Seven: The year.

two thousand and fifteen

Line seven: The time of the event.

at six o’clock in the evening

Line eight: The venue the ceremony will be held at.

James J. Hill Reference Library

Line nine: The city and state of the venue.

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Line Ten: Details regarding the reception.

Reception to follow

If both sets of parents are hosting, change the top portion to the following layout:

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Smith


Mr. and Mrs. James M. Anderson

request the honor of your presence

at the marriage of their children

McKenzie Christine Smith


Jeffrey James Anderson

If the couple is hosting,  use this template:

Ms. McKenzie Christine Smith


Mr. Jeffrey James Anderson

request the honor of your presence

at their marriage

Finally, if everyone is hosting:

Ms. McKenzie Christine Smith


Mr. Jeffrey James Anderson

together with their parents

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Smith


Mr. and Mrs. James M. Anderson

request the honor of your presence

at their marriage

Wedding Invitation Format: A few tips and tricks to improve clarity.

Sticking to the traditional phrasing will help create clear invites, ensuring everyone on your guest list receives the information they need to make it to your special day. Placing all of the essential details on a single page improves clarity and readability, making it easy to locate the most important info, such as the date, time, and place of your ceremony. Use resources like your wedding website or your bridal party to share all the extra details. Wedding Invitation Wording

Announcement Add-Ons: Extra items you could include.

While the invite should be simple, there are a few additions that will make your life easier and still keep clarity a priority. Adding an RSVP card is the easiest way to solidify your guest list. Make sure that is very clear whether or not the recipient is allowed a plus one. If you are serving dinner by the plate, get the guest’s meal choice along with their RSVP. If you’re looking for a fun extra to include with you invite, I recommend a song request! Compile them all to create a reception playlist everyone will enjoy. Wedding Invitation Wording Sample Using traditional wedding invitation wording makes it easy to communicate the details of your big day and stick to etiquette. Send out invites to your guests with confidence, knowing that you’ve conveyed the information clearly.

Have you ever received a confusing invitation that lacked etiquette? Let us know your story in the comment section below!

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