More Than a Keepsake: Wedding Cake Toppers You Can Use Again

More Than a Keepsake: Wedding Cake Toppers You Can Use Again
Wedding cake toppers became popular in the US during the 1950’s as a symbol of unity. Contrary to their name, not all cake tops actually sit atop the wedding cake. They may top a wedding cake alternative, such as a cupcake stand, or simply be featured as the centerpiece of the dessert table. Wedding cake toppers are typically a keepsake, although some modern spins are actually edible! Unfortunately, the traditional figurine cake tops are often packed away after the wedding and never seen again...unless you've read our tips, of course! Lovebird Wedding Cake Toppers

Consider heart-shaped wedding cake toppers.

While having a customized porcelain copy of you and your new spouse is fun in theory, the traditional figurine cake top is less versatile than alternative options. For example, some of the most beautiful wedding cake toppers are heart sculptures that can be displayed as a subtle reminder of your wedding day. Consider choosing an abstract representation for your cake topper so that you can easily use it as home décor and a sweet reminder of your love!

Wedding Cake Toppers

Monogram cake toppers are an alternative personalized option.

Another option for a custom cake top that is more versatile than a figurine is a monogram. Monogram cake toppers are a perfect combination of personalized and reusable. Monogram cake toppers make elegant mantle decorations and can be reused for anniversary cakes! Monogram Cake Toppers

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What are some cake top ideas for other wedding desserts?

Increasing numbers of couples are choosing wedding desserts other than the traditional wedding cake. Can you still have a cake topper without a cake? Of course! While not all desserts can support a cake top, most wedding cake toppers can function as a centerpiece on the dessert table. This is an easy way to carry over the theme of your wedding to your wedding desserts, no matter what they are.

Are you planning to stray from traditional wedding cake toppers? Tell us below!

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