What is the Appropriate Wedding Attire for the Mother of the Bride?

What is the Appropriate Wedding Attire for the Mother of the Bride?
As the mother of the bride or mother of the groom, you also have to dress up for the occasion. We often hear from mothers who are shopping for their outfits that it’s almost more stressful than the shopping they did for their own bridal gowns. There are so many things to consider as you search for your dress for the mother of the groom or bride. There are three things to consider as you being your shopping adventure.

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Mother of the bride attire tip #1: Don’t steal the spotlight.

I know this seems like a no-brainer tip, but you’d be surprised about the number of brides who feel like their mother is trying to steal the spotlight with gawdy or slinky mother of the bride attire. A few years ago, I was in a wedding in Georgia. There was a mother and daughter shopping for wedding attire for the mother of the bride next to us. When the mom walked out of the dressing room in a tight fitting, lime green, low cut, fit and flare formal dress the daughter lost it. Quite a few words were exchanged, but the daughter just kept saying, “Stop trying to be the center of attention… this is my day!” I’m not saying you can’t look amazing on your child’s wedding day; just remember who people should be noticing that day. Shop our amazing selection of mother's dresses to find the perfect style for you!>>

Finding a dress for mother of groom or bride tip #2: Be comfortable.

There is nothing worse than squeezing yourself into an outfit that is uncomfortable. Looking great can only go so far. Being comfortable on your child’s wedding day is just as important. Mother of the bride attire should be something you’d be ok wearing for over 8 hours. If you have to layer your body shaping undergarments to look great for pictures but can’t sit comfortably, you should probably try something different for your wedding attire for mother of the bride.
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The perfect dress for mother of the groom or bride tip #3: Don’t be afraid to match the wedding colors.

Just because you’re not a bridesmaid doesn’t mean you shouldn’t complement the colors and theme of the wedding. If the wedding features a lot of greens and pinks, you probably shouldn’t show up in a bright red or orange dress. Take special consideration for what the rest of the wedding party is wearing. Even though you’re not standing up front you’re still part of the wedding party! Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun while you’re shopping. Involve your daughter, son, or future daughter-in-law in your shopping ventures. They’ll appreciate your consideration for their opinion, and you’ll (hopefully) appreciate the bonding time!

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