Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year: 

Here are Wedding Shoppe Inc.’s recommendations for 25th and 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

If friends or family members are getting ready to celebrate a special anniversary, you’ll want to give them the perfect gift. The question is what’s appropriate to give. Wedding Shoppe, Inc. will share tips on the best contemporary and traditional wedding anniversary gifts that your loved ones will cherish always.

25th wedding anniversary gifts: Silver.

Before choosing a gift, think about the tastes of your loved ones. If they would prefer traditional wedding anniversary gifts, then consider giving them:
  • a special piece of silver jewelry, such as a watch or bracelet
  • silver picture frames (perhaps with photos already included)
  • silver vase
  • elegant flatware
If you’re helping to plan a get-together for the occasion, party shops have silver balloons, tablecloths, candles, centerpieces, wrapping paper, cups, plates and so forth, so that you can carry the color scheme throughout your decorating. Alternative 25th wedding anniversary gifts include:
  • bouquets of irises and green garnets.

50th wedding anniversary gifts: Gold.

The color gold is associated with strength and optimism. Traditional wedding anniversary gifts that are appropriate for this occasion include
  • gold jewelry and/or watches
  • gold cufflinks
  • tie pins and other similar items
  • gold collectible coins
  • roses coated in gold
  • gold-colored glassware
  • gold sculptures
  • gold picture frames.
If you’re looking for alternate gifts to give for someone’s 50th wedding anniversary:
  • violets
  • golden topaz
No matter what anniversary someone is celebrating, letters sharing fond memories and photos recalling happy occasions are always appreciated. Watch for more posts at the Wedding Shoppe about wedding anniversary gifts by year.

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