Unique Wedding Theme Ideas to Showcase Your Love Story

Unique Wedding Theme Ideas to Showcase Your Love Story
A wedding celebrates the love shared between a bride and groom. Your big day should showcase your unique relationship, giving guests a window into your love story. We’ve complied a list of tips to help you choose unique wedding themes that will shine a spotlight on your love affair, allowing you to have a meaningful celebration that you and your guests will never forget. unique-theme-ideas-for-weddings

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Wedding Theme Ideas: A broad theme won’t box you in.

As you scroll through countless lists of unique themes for weddings, it’s easy to get buried in super-specific ideas. Instead of committing to covering your tables and ceremony space in butterflies and cocoons, consider choosing a broader theme, such as ‘nature.’ Choosing a theme that is broad won’t box you in and will prevent cliché décor that could be tacky. nature-wedding-theme

Choose a theme that reflects your personalities.

A memorable wedding will be intimate, allowing the guests to partake in the magic of the moment. Accessorizing your big day with details that distinguish you and your fiancé as a couple will differentiate your celebration from others, making it a unique memory that no one will forget.  Consider your interests (especially the ones you have in common) and start brainstorming! Are you book worms? Do you both belong in the Roaring Twenties? Do you spend hours watching movies together? Use these common interests to come up with a personalized theme. wedding-themes

Less is more.

The motif of your wedding should add to your special day, not detract from the magic. When you’re choosing the decorations and planning your menu, don’t let your theme override your first choice. Just because you’re having a Gatsby-inspired wedding doesn’t mean you have to give up those grilled cheese bites! If you’re sacrificing details that you adore, it may be time to bend the rules. Wedding-Theme-Ideas

Start brainstorming for your big day!

Keeping these tips in mind when you’re planning the details of your day will help you choose a theme that accentuates your love story in a timeless fashion. Don’t be boxed in by super-specific ideas and always remember that less is more.

Let us know what wedding theme ideas you love and how you plan to execute them in an elegant way on your wedding day!

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