Get Creative: Goodie bags for Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Get Creative: Goodie bags for Unique Bridesmaid Gifts
Are you struggling to come up with the perfect bridesmaid gift ideas? Finding unique bridesmaid gifts that your best friends will love can be tough. It’s important that you find something they’ll actually be able to use, rather than something they'll pack away after the wedding. You also want to put thought into making the gift meaningful to show your true appreciation for your friends' support throughout your wedding.  Sometimes, choosing just one gift isn’t enough to accomplish all of these goals. Have you considered thank you gift baskets to meet your needs? unique bridesmaid gifts

Sometimes unique bridesmaid gifts stem from a less-than-unique idea.

You might be thinking, “Gift bags are old news”, however often the best ideas stem from tried-and-true methods. Creating a compilation of little things that all have meaning to you will result in distinctive gifts your girls will appreciate.  By taking the concept of thank you gift baskets and personalizing the contents to match your personality and your friends, you’re showing your appreciation in a way that is unique to you, but certain to please.

It’s easier to come up with multiple miniature, creative bridesmaid gift ideas.

It might be a little overwhelming when you first try to brainstorm what to put in your thank you gift baskets. Take a step back, and you’ll realize it’s actually really easy! Here are a couple of bridesmaid gift ideas for baskets:
  • Choose an overarching theme (perhaps the same as your bachelorette party or bridal shower?) and create gift baskets that match the theme. For example, if you had a Western-themed bachelorette party, use a cowgirl hat as the basket and fill the inside of the hat with trail mix, a lucky horseshoe necklace, and a gift certificate for a riding lesson!
  • Theme each basket by recipient. Choose something each of your friends is passionate about and build their basket around it. This way, everyone is getting something personalized to them, but not so different that someone will feel left out.
  • Create wedding survival kits to give day-of. You can purchase pre-made kits or you can get creative and put together your own. Either way, stick the kit in a cute clutch and you’re set!
  • Make ‘Bridesmaids’ themed kits. This idea is especially fun and easy. Give every girl a copy of the movie ‘Bridesmaids’, their favorite movie candy, a packet of popcorn, and a puppy! (Just kidding about that last item… mostly).
 bridesmaid gift ideas  thank you gift baskets

Your ladies will love personalized thank you gifts.

With just a little time and effort put into what your favorite ladies like best, you’ll be able to show your appreciation with thank you gift baskets. Don’t stress too much when trying to choose unique bridesmaid gifts for the baskets. Your ‘maids are your best friends or family: they’ll love whatever bridesmaid gift ideas you come up with, because they love you!

What unique bridesmaid gifts will your ladies be getting? Have you received a thank you gift you really loved? Tell us in a comment below!

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May 16, 2019 07:28

I love the idea of giving similar presents to all the bridesmaids with a twist, a personalized basket is a great idea!

May 16, 2019 07:28

Definitely agree with giving similar but personalized gifts!

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