Center pieces & the Groom's Dinner {Featured Bride, Jessi M.}

Featured Bride Jessi M., Wedding Location: Wolf Lake, MN  |  Wedding Date: August 7, 2010 My Wedding Chat's Featured Bride Jessi M is getting closer to her wedding date.  See how her and Sean find ways to decorate the wedding ceremony site and much more as they get closer to their special day.

Two months to go: Decorations, groom's dinner, & rings.

With a little over two months until the wedding, it's all starting to come together.  Sean and I spent Memorial Day weekend at my family's cabin (wedding ceremony site) and took care of a few things on the endless ”To Do” list. My Mom planted hundreds of flowers recently so that the cabin grounds should be overflowing with color (mostly hot pink!).

DIY centerpieces.

I also figured out the wedding centerpieces and could not be more pleased. I am renting cylindrical vases from a party store, with vases of three different heights.  I also ordered hot pink floating candles, small clear rocks, and hot pink roses.  We are placing the rocks on the bottom, a rose on top of the rocks, and the floating candle . . . floating on top.  Placing all three on a square mirror to complete the wedding centerpieces, it looks great.

The groom's dinner.

We also took care of the catering for the Groom’s dinner while we were in Bemidji. Since Sean didn’t get the smaller wedding he had hoped for (see previous blog), I generously gave him complete control over this night. He has rented a pavilion at Diamond Point Park, which juts out into Lake Bemidji.  Sean wanted to keep it pretty casual, so we are having a picnic atmosphere.  We’re eating pulled pork sandwiches, grilled chicken, potato and pasta salads, etc. My Dad suggested we bring some yard games too, so it should be a good time. Maybe not exactly what I had originally envisioned, but it will be nice to have a relaxed evening the night before the wedding.

Finding the right ring (and hand!) for the groom.

After the catering stop, we picked out Sean’s ring at a local jewelry store. He has pretty simple tastes, so the ring was easy enough - maybe even a little bit easier than picking out my engagement ring :)  Now, picking out the ring was easy, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t without incident.  Sean tried on the ring on his RIGHT hand.  I said, “Honey, your wedding ring goes on your left hand.” He says, “I know, but I am left handed, so I’ll wear mine on my right.”  With some gentle encouragement, he soon realized he should probably wear it on the left hand.

Bridesmaid dress arrival.

The bridesmaid dresses recently arrived, and I absolutely love them. When I ordered the dresses, I didn’t get to actually see the dress in hot pink. I was getting so anxious about whether the dresses would be like what I had pictured, but I am happy to report they’re better. When the dresses arrived, I couldn’t wait to get them to my sisters so they could try them on. The dresses are adorable and all three bridesmaids will look absolutely gorgeous :) (See Jessi's lovely bridesmaid dress: Allure Bridesmaid Dresses Style #1200)

Engagement photos.

Also, two weekends ago we took engagement pictures in Fargo, ND. Sean has a good friend from college who is an amazing photographer, and she did a great job. She has sent us a few of the best pics already, and I can’t wait to see the rest. While it seems like there is always something to do, all in all it’s definitely coming together! See you next blog!

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