Top 10 Ways to Reuse Your Prom Gowns

Top 10 Ways to Reuse Your Prom Gowns
There are two events in every woman’s life where she looks forward to dressing up like a princess: her wedding day and prom. Prom is the culmination of every awkward, terrifying, and wonderful moment in your high school years. You wondered who would ask you, how you would do your hair, and of course, which stunning dress you would wear. You danced the night away and were never happier. That was, until you tried stuffing the dress into the back of your closet and realized it would never be worn again. The tulle took over, the glitter exploded onto everything, and suddenly the dress you once adored is now the monster in your closet.  How do you tame the monster and turn it back into something beautiful?

Here are the top 10 ways to reuse your prom gowns:

1. Revive It: One great way to reuse your prom gowns is to give them makeovers. Not loving the straps? Cut them off. Unsure about the length? Hem it into a cocktail dress. With a few statement accessories, some stitches, and great personal style, you’ll have yourself a date night look. 2. Hang It in a New Closet: Let someone you love re-wear your prom dress! Whether they’re your younger sister, niece, or even your future daughter, it will be a special moment for both of you when they wear your treasured dress. Just think about the memorable prom pictures you could take!

3. Cut It Into Pieces: While the glitz and satin may be overkill for everyday wear, the fabric from prom dresses is perfect for accessories. Use it to create colorful belts or head scarves. You can even cut off the floral appliqués or sequins and glue them to head bands for creative new hair accessories.

4. Rip It to Shreds and Cover It in Mud: Turn your old prom dresses into amazing Halloween costumes. Not in love with your gown anymore? Go as a zombie prom queen and have fun destroying it. Add a sash and a crown, and you’re a pageant contestant. If you want to relive your prom days, go as a beautiful princess. Reuse your prom gowns, and maybe even win best costume!

5. Swap It: Some of you may still have one more prom left! Did you love your best friend’s dress last year? Think you could make it your own? Trade prom gowns! It’s a great way to save money, and still feel stunning when you walk onto the dance floor. Take fun prom pictures to see how you each rocked the look!


6. Chop It in Half: Since long skirts are a popular trend, use the bottom of your floor-length gown to make your own maxi skirt. You can even turn the top of your dress into a tank top or strapless shirt. Get two new outfits when you recycle your prom dress!

7. Toga! Toga!: Become a Greek goddess– no sheet necessary! This probably won’t work for the ladies who went for a ball gown in high school. But if you have a simple, draped dress hanging in your closet, use some creative pinning, place a laurel wreath on your head, and you’re ready for the party.

8. Reunite in Style: There’s nothing like a high school reunion. Make it original and ask everyone to come dressed in their old prom styles. Have a BBQ, take new prom pictures, and put on a playlist of the songs you danced to at prom. It could be a fun way to reminisce about your high school days and see how your old friends are. You could also find out if your prom date’s dancing has improved!

9. Eat Off It: Some prom gowns seem like they could swallow you whole with all of that fabric and tulle. Make use of the color and patterns you once loved and create an eye-catching tablecloth, or use it to cover drab pillows. Break out the sewing machine and get creative!

What's our favorite way to reuse? Pass on the memories when you donate prom dresses!

10. Donate It: One of the greatest ways to recycle your gown is by giving it to a girl in need. There are plenty of charities you can donate prom dresses to, and they will pass them on to less fortunate teenage girls who want to feel like princesses on their big day. You can donate prom dresses to the national organization, Donate My Dress, or to the local charity, Operation Glass Slipper. Remember the smile you had when you put on your gown for the first time? You could be the reason behind more of those beautiful smiles when you choose to donate prom dresses!

How have you reused your prom dresses? Share a tip in a comment below!

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May 16, 2019 07:27

I love re-wearing my prom and other formal dresses—my friends and I LOOK for excuses to dress up nice, like going to the Orpheum, or just out for a nice dinner. These are some really great alternative options—we’ll be sure to try some of them out!

Traci Henderson
May 16, 2019 07:27

I graduated High School 2 years ago and my Blue Prom Gown was made to fit my specific measurements so it will be a little difficult to sell. I am using it as my Halloween costume and I cannot me more excited!!!

May 16, 2019 07:27

Hmm, I may have to revamp some of my dresses! I’ve let one of my friends wear one of my dresses to a fraternity formal, it was good seeing it put to some use again!

Meghan Jungwirth
May 16, 2019 07:27

Awesome ideas, now I actually have a use for the dresses in my closet!

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