The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Best Wedding Hashtag

The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Best Wedding Hashtag

You’ve probably seen the popularity of wedding hashtags explode over the past several years. The wedding hashtag has become a social media staple for sharing wedding pictures, connecting with guests, and documenting memories that you’ll cherish in years to come. Wedding hashtags can range from simple (such as #KateAndJon2018) to incredibly clever and punny (think of phrases that play off the couple’s names or a new take on an old cliché, like #HappilyEverAdams). No matter what your hashtag, using one at your wedding can be a memorable addition to the usual wedding photos and videos.

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Create Your Best Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags can be super fun, but it can be hard to think of one! Not everyone wants to do a basic hashtag, but sometimes it can be difficult to find something that won't be. Don't settle for less--this is your special day after all! We want your day to be perfect, so we're here to help you create your perfect wedding hashtag. We have ideas for A-Z last names, song-inspired hashtags, tips on how to create your own hashtag, and more! This article is for brides, maids/matrons of honor, bridesmaids, grooms, groomsmen, or anyone else trying to generate a creative wedding hashtag.

List of Wedding Hashtags for A-Z Last Names

We discovered that most couples would spend hours scouring the internet to find wedding hashtags that would jive well with the first letter of their soon-to-be last shared last name and would come up empty-handed. We, too, have joined the search and couldn't find a single helpful article or wedding hashtag generator. Those wedding hashtag generators don't do anything besides shove your future last name into about 7 or 8 of generic wedding hashtags. They are pretty lame in my opinion. If you're looking for wedding hashtags for your future last name that will start with a "D" or a "P" or even a "Q", we've got you covered! You don't have to copy and paste these hashtags; you can make them your own in so many ways. Ultimately, these hashtags are for you to make them unique. Your unique new names complete these hashtags!

Wedding Hashtags for A Last Names

#AnnouncementOf[insert last name] #AdoringYouAlways[insert last name] #Always[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for B Last Names

#Becoming[insert last name] #BondOf[insert last name] #BetterTogether[insert last name] #[insert last name]BetterTogether #BeautifullyBecoming[insert last name] #BringingUp[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for C Last Names

#CrazyInLove[insert last name] #Celebrating[insert last name]s #CelebrationOf[insert last name] #Congratulations[insert last name] #CallUsThe[insert last name]s

Wedding Hashtags for D Last Names

#DeclarationOf[insert last name] #DevotedTo[insert last name] #DeeplyInLove[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for E Last Names

#EverAfter[insert last name] #EndlessLove[insert last name] #[insert last name]'sEverlastingLove

Wedding Hashtags for F Last Names

#Forever[insert last name] #ForTheLoveOf[insert last name] #FaithfullyYours[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for G Last Names

#GettingMarried[insert last name] #[insert last name]'sGetHitched #Going[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for H Last Names

#HappilyEverAfter[insert last name] #HereComesThe[insert last name] #HeadOverHeels[insert last name] #HappyHappy[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for I Last Names

#[insert last name]'sSayIDo #It's[insert last name]Time #InCelebrationof[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for J Last Names

#JustMarried[insert last name] #JumpingTheBroom[insert last name] #JustWed[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for K Last Names

#KickingItWithThe[insert last name] #KeepingUpWithThe[insert last name] #AKissToSealTheDealForThe[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for L Last Names

#[insert last name]'sLoveStory #Loving[insert last name] #Legally[insert last name] #LicenseToWed[insert last name]s

Wedding Hashtags for M Last Names

#MarriageOf[insert last name] #MadeForEachOther[insert last name] #MeetThe[insert last name] #MrandMrs[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for N Last Names

#NewlyWed[insert last name] #[insert last name]Nuptials #OnCloud[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for O Last Names

#OnceInALifetime[insert last name] #OnceUponATime[insert last name] #Officially[insert last name] #Overjoyed[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for P Last Names

#The[insert last name]'sPutARingOnIt #Perfectly[insert last name] #PerfectTogether[insert last name] #Petty[insert last name] #PartnersInCrime[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for Q Last Names

#Quintessentially[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for R Last Names

#[insert last name]Romance #RaceToTheAlter[insert last name] #Romantically[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for S Last Names

#[insert last name]Soulmates #Sweetly[insert last name] #Simply[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for T Last Names

#[insert last name]'sTieTheKnot #TogetherForever[insert last name] #ToastingTo[insert last name] #TrulyInLove[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for U Last Names

#Unconditionally[insert last name] #Uniting[insert last name] #Unveiling[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for V Last Names

#VowingTo[insert last name] #Very[insert last name] #TheVowOf[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for W Last Names

#WeFoundLove[insert last name] #[insert last name]FoundLove

Wedding Hashtags for X Last Names

#Exuberant[insert last name] #[insert last name]sExclaimTheirLove

Wedding Hashtags for Y Last Names

#YearningFor[insert last name]

Wedding Hashtags for Z Last Names

#[insert last name]sLoveZone

List of Movie-Inspired Wedding Hashtags

#[insert last name]sLoveStory #When[insert name 1] Met [insert name] #[insert last name]'s Diary #OurFairWedding #HowToWinASoulmateIn10Days #BeautyAndThe[insert name] #TheBestYearsOfOurLives #[insert last name]InLove #[insert name]+[insert name] #FiftyShadesOf[insert last name] #A[insert last name]Story #10ThingsILoveAboutYou #MyBigFat[insert last name]Wedding #CrazyStupidLove #AMarriageToRemember

List of Song-Inspired Wedding Hashtags

#AtLast[insert last name] #LoveThemeFrom[insert name]And[insert name] #HappyTogether[insert last name] #WhenThe[insert last name]sSaidIDo #MakingMemoriesOfThe[insert last name]s #[insert last name]sCrazyInLove #[insert last name]sLoveIsHereToStay

Creative Wedding Hashtags for Inspo

Here's some of the best wedding hashtags we've seen over the years! I want to share these with you to inspire you! Don't be afraid to get wildly creative with your hashtag. That's what makes them memorable! Bride's First Name: Megan/Groom's First Name: Ben/Hashtag: #MegansBenTaken

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Bride's First Name: Morgan/Hashtag: #MorganHeBargainedFor Couple's Last Name: McCloud/Hashtag: #OnMcCloudNine Brides's First Name: Kelly/Groom's First Name: Joe/Hashtag: #KellysCupOfJoe Couple's Last Name: Kress/Hashtag: #SayYesToTheKress Couple's Last Name: Stoop/Hashtag: #CrazyStoopedLove

Tips on How to Create Your Own Wedding Hashtag

Want your hashtag to be something you create, not from a list? Don't worry--I get it! This is your special day, and you want everything about it to be unique. Sometimes creating the perfect wedding hashtag can feel like playing the game, Concentration--you have so many unique hashtag ideas pop into your head throughout your day right up until the point you need to write them down and pick the best one. Super. Frustrating. I suggest reading through the lists of hashtags above to jog your memory or perhaps inspire you! Then read these tips on creating your best wedding hashtag:
  • Use the couple’s names to create a play on words. Obviously, you may be limited by the couple’s names, but consider first and last names in your brainstorm. Try putting their names in their favorite movie, song, show, and book titles. Look up popular phrases (like "knight in shining armor," "a man after my own heart," or "blow your mind") and try fitting the couple's names into them.
  • Use the wedding venue location. Maybe the couple is getting married in a unique destination; consider including the location in your hashtag. Don’t limit yourself to the city or venue name, either—consider using terms like “woods,” “mountains,” “beach,” and other general descriptors.
  • Don't forget the ceremony date. Another popular way to build a wedding hashtag is to include the numbers that make up the date.
  • Consider the couple’s hobbies or interests. Do the bride and groom both live for rock-climbing? Do they have a common hobby or interest that they enjoy together? In certain situations, this could be incorporated into the wedding hashtag.
  • Use a timeless classic: alliteration. This may be a throwback to high school English class, but alliteration is one of the most commonly-used tools in memorable hashtags. If you need a refresher, alliteration means the use of words that start with the same letter to make a phrase that rolls off the tongue easily. A few examples are #MrAndMrsMartinez or #WallaceWedding. If you're looking for alliteration, a few of the hashtags we used for the A-Z last names were alliterative. Check out that list for inspiration!
  • Rhymes. Don’t be afraid to try rhyming some aspect of the wedding for a fun hashtag! A fun twist on incorporating names into commonly used phrases is to replace a word that rhymes with the name with the name itself. For example, if a couple's last name is going to be Pine, you could use #FloatingOnCloudPine for the wedding!
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The Wedding Hashtag Creation Process

What’s the best process for making a hashtag? Try brainstorming a few different ideas. Don’t be afraid to write down silly or off-beat ideas—it’s all a part of the creative process! After you have a list of possibilities, try narrowing it down to the best-fitting options. Don’t forget to run the list by a few close family members, friends, and members of the wedding party for extra input. Sometimes, another person can bring a fresh set of eyes to your ideas. Crowd sourcing the hashtag is an option, but more opinions means it may be harder to please everyone. If you’re the bride or groom, it may be easier to create the hashtag yourself and simply ask for feedback. If the bride or groom doesn’t want to make up the hashtag, it may be best to appoint a trusted friend or member of the bridal party to come up with the hashtag with some help from a few other social media savvy close friends.

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Social media is a great way for people to connect to one another. Instagram is one of the leading outlets for posting wedding photos, and a unique hashtag is a cool new way to commemorate your big day. Have fun with it and you’ll look back on your wedding hashtag for years after the wedding! Please share your wedding hashtag tips and ideas in the comments below! Our community would love to hear from you!

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