The Ultimate Guide to Allure Wedding Dresses

The Ultimate Guide to Allure Wedding Dresses

We've created the ultimate guide to Allure wedding dresses! In this blog, you will have all your questions about Allure answered. We will discuss each collection by Allure, including price, quality, and design. Start shopping here!

History of Allure

Allure Bridal began back in 1998 as a small retail store, but has since grown into an award-winning bridal company! It's known for classic, yet contemporary bridal gowns. Allure pays attention to the details of each of its dresses, from beading to lace appliques. So, your bridal gown will be both intricate and unique!

Since 1998, Allure has added a large variety of collections to fit every style, budget, and body type! Allure’s collections are as follows: Allure Romance, Allure Bridals, Allure Couture, Madison James, Wilderly Bride, Allure Women, Abella, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, and Allure Modest. These wedding dresses cost anywhere from $700-$4000, and each collection has its own specific price range. We promise that you’ll be able to find a dress that fits your unique style and budget! Shop each Allure bridal collection here!


Allure wedding dresses range from $700-$4000 in price. Each collection has its own style and price range to fit every budget! We promise you’ll find a dress you love in these collections! We’ve broken down the price ranges according to collection for you so you don’t have to lift a finger:

  • Allure Bridals: $1100-$2300
  • Allure Romance: $800-$1500
  • Allure Couture: $1800-$3600
  • Madison James: $800-$3400
  • Wilderly Bride: $700-$1500
  • Allure Women: $900-$2500
  • Abella: $1200-$2000
  • Disney Fairy Tale Weddings: $1200-$3700
  • Allure Modest: $900-$1700

The Bridal Collections of Allure

There many collections under Allure: Allure Romance, Allure Bridals, Allure Couture, Madison James, Wilderly Bride, Allure Women, Abella, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, and Allure Modest. Each collection has its own distinct style and price range, and each collection is just GORGEOUS. Read on for a breakdown of all the Allure collections!

allure wedding dresses

Allure Bridals

The original line that started it all! Allure bridals is perfect for the sophisticated, classic bride. Allure Bridals is the core brand with the largest variety of styles, price points, and details. This wedding dress collection is known for having unique, lace detailing paired with intricate beading.

Shop Allure Bridal wedding dresses on our website. 

9852 by Allure Bridals
Shop 9852 by Allure Bridals

Allure Romance

If you’re looking for classic Allure wedding dresses that won’t throw out the budget, this collection is perfect! Allure Romance wedding dresses feature soft lace, classic fabrics, and feminine silhouettes. This collection is perfect for a bride who's style is romantic, whimsical, classic, or feminine.

See all Allure Romance wedding dresses here!
3112 by Allure Romance
Shop 3112 by Allure Romance

Allure Couture

If you’re looking for drama and glamour, this line is for you. For the bride wanting to stun her guests, you’ll to say yes to one of these Allure wedding dresses! With dramatic silhouettes, unique lace, and eye-catching beading, you'll fall in love with this line. We sure did!

C602 by Allure Couture
Shop C602 by Allure Couture

Madison James

For the fashionistas out there, this line is perfect for you. Madison James is similar to Allure Couture, but offers more budget and fashion-friendly dresses. Progressive, contemporary, and stunning perfectly describe Madison James. We LOVE the detailed beading, flattering silhouettes, and stunning trains. Madison James won’t disappoint!

Liberty by Madison James
Shop Liberty by Madison James

Wilderly Bride

Calling all free spirits! This Wilderly collection is perfect for a boho or outdoor wedding! Elegant, flowy, and truly unique describe these dresses. Between the crocheted lace and well-placed appliques, Wilderly is both comfortable and fashionable. We promise that your guests have ever seen dresses like these!

Allure Women

If you’re a full-figured woman looking for the perfect dress, this line is for you! Feel confident and graceful in these dresses made for women who rock their curves! This line features dramatic silhouettes, intricate lace, and romantic tulle. These classic styles will be sure to please every bride’s style preferences!

Allure Modest

For the stylish bride who wants to slay the day away while maintaining modesty. Just because you want a modest Allure wedding dress doesn’t mean you have to compromise fashion and style! Allure perfectly combines conservative features with classic yet contemporary styles.

M636 by Allure Modest
Shop M636 by Allure Modest


Equal parts traditional silhouette and modern embellishment, Abella gives us dramatic romance with show-stopping pieces. For brides looking for a dress with a little something extra, Abella is the collection for you! It's both affordable and stunning!
Marina by Abella
Shop Marina by Abella

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

Are you a huge Disney fan? If you've been dreaming of the perfect fairy tale wedding since you were little, look no further! Allure's Disney Fairy Tale Weddings take inspiration from each Disney princess and creates stunning gowns sure to make your wildest fantasies come true! With dramatic silhouettes and stunning motifs, these gowns are the perfect combination of regal and whimsical!

Snow White by Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

When it comes to Allure wedding dresses, there's so much more to cover! If you're curious about available colors and other features, check out below.


If you’re looking for a large variety of colors to choose from, Allure won’t disappoint. From white to almond, Allure won’t disappoint! Check out a full color list below:

  • Ivory
  • Champagne
  • Silver
  • Almond
  • Nude
  • Desert
  • White
  • Platinum
  • Antique
  • Sand
  • Blush
  • Black


When it comes to accessories, Allure offers a beautiful selection of bridal capes, veils, belts, jackets, bodysuits, sleeves, and more! If you are looking for the perfect addition to your gown, look into Allure accessories! Featuring both modern and traditional pieces, there is something for everyone! 

Bridal Cape CP25 by Allure
Shop Bridal Cape CP25 by Allure

Other Dresses

Does Allure offer dresses other than bridal gowns? The answer is yes! Allure Bridal offers bridesmaid dresses, and we promise you’ll adore them as much as we do! Allure’s bridesmaid dresses range in price from $150-$300.

Allure Bridesmaids
Shop Allure Bridesmaids


Are Allure wedding dresses are true-to-size? Allure wedding dresses are true-to-size, but do run smaller than retail sizes. This is common in the wedding industry! If you’re wondering what size to order, check out Allure's dress size chart! We highly recommend getting fitted at a professional bridal salon to see which size you should be ordering.

allure wedding dresses

Bridal consultants will be able to recommend the best size for you. You can measure yourself, but incorrect measurements put your bridal gown at risk. The secret to ordering a bridal gown is to order the size that fits the largest part of your body. For example, if your bust and waist measure at a size 10 but your hips measure at a size 12, order a size 12. It's easier to make a dress smaller with alterations than to make it bigger.

Where to Purchase Allure

There are many places where you can buy Allure wedding dresses. Allure is a popular, award-winning designer! However, the best place to buy an Allure wedding dress is from Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Why? The Wedding Shoppe has been working with Allure for decades and is hailed as a flagship store of Allure’s. That means, the Wedding Shoppe gets exclusive rights to new collection additions. No one can try on those new wedding gowns except for Wedding Shoppe customers! For more locations, check out Allure's website to find a store near you!

Our Favorite Wedding Dresses

Now that you know all the technical stuff about Allure wedding dresses, here are some of the latest trends found in Allure’s bridal gowns! Allure is a top-selling designer of ours, so we have tons of favorites from each collection!

1. Allure Bridal 9802

9802 by Allure
Shop 9802 by Allure Bridals

Lace is nothing new, and it’s been trending for so many years now. But, brides are drawn to a different type of lace now: intricate, unique lace. Lace can be chunky, soft, or something entirely different! We love this Allure Bridal style.

2. Madison James MJ708

MJ708 by Madison James
Shop MJ708 by Madison James
If you want a clean but dramatic dress, look no further than MJ708 by Madison James! This dress has an asymmetrical bodice giving it a cool, modern edge. It features a sheer back with buttons going down the train. We are OBSESSED with the sleekness of this one!

3. Allure Romance 3455

3455 by Allure
Shop 3455 by Allure Romance

Many modern brides are looking for a pop of color. Style 3455 gives us a wow moment with romantic black appliques that pop against the champagne undertones! Both edgy and sweet, this dress is perfect for unique brides.

4. Allure Bridals 9810

Timeless and jaw-dropping, Allure Bridals 9810 might just be your dream dress! With a modern and modest square neckline, this classic crepe dress radiates elegance.

5. Wilderly Rebel

Rebel by Allure's Wilderly
Shop Rebel by Wilderly

As the name suggests, Rebel is for any bride looking for a nontraditional dress. Featuring dramatic bell sleeves and knit lace, this dress is boho to the max! Perfect for any outdoor weddings, Rebel has stolen our hearts!

6. Allure Romance 3315

3315 by Allure Romance
Shop 3315 by Allure Romance

Dreaming of the perfect Allure wedding dress? Shop the Allure Romance 3315! The handkerchief skirt on this dress adds drama and romance complimenting the beaded bodice. This strapless gown was made for a flirty and fun bride!


Have questions about when you’ll receive your dress? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! For standard delivery, your bridal gown will arrive about 4-6 months after you place your order.

Need your dress sooner? There are options available for an additional charge! Rush-shipped dresses will arrive 3-4 months after you place your order. Priority shipped dresses will arrive 2-3 months after your order is placed. Notify your bridal consultant if you need to purchase special shipping for your gown.

Let's Chat!

Unlike other retailers, the Wedding Shoppe carries Allure wedding dresses in multiple sizes to accommodate brides of all body types! Every collection is in-stock and inventory is continuously updated to reflect current trends. The Wedding Shoppe offers a friendly and efficient customer service team to help all of your questions!

And that’s a wrap, ladies! If you’re looking to purchase an Allure wedding dress, contact the Wedding Shoppe for details! Also, we would love to hear some feedback from you. Which Allure collection or dress is your favorite? Will you be rocking Allure on your big day? Let us know in the comments!

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