The Ultimate Bridesmaids Proposal Gift List

Are you wondering how you are going to propose to your best friends to be bridesmaids? Asking your friends to be bridesmaids or a maid of honor with bridesmaid gifts is almost as exciting as getting engaged, and to be honest - coming up with fun bridesmaid proposal ideas is only half the fun! From gathering your girls together for a fun gift-giving party or delivering them individually, the element of surprise makes the whole experience so memorable. To help you get started, we've come up with a big list of our favorite creative ways to ask your bridesmaids!

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Proposal Gift Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Love

It's hard to say 'I do' without your closest friends and family with you on the big day, so when it's time to put your wedding party together, you should try to make it memorable when you ask them to be in your wedding! A bridesmaid proposal is exciting, fun, and, most of all, a meaningful way to let your friends know just how much you care for their support. Here is the ultimate list of bridesmaid proposal gift ideas that will have your friends screaming with excitement when you ask, "will you be my bridesmaid?"

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas

Bridesmaids Proposal Box

If you want to ask your best friends in a big way, then you need to consider getting more than one item. That is why you should consider giving your bridesmaids an entire box of bridesmaid goodies! These pretty and elegant boxes are sure to be loved by your girls. Who can say no to these?

Bridesmaids Proposal Box Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

ModParty | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Scratch Off Card

This Bridesmaids proposal idea isn't your average proposal card, it's actually a scratch-off! Give your bridesmaids this scratch-off that is too cute for words! You can even write a personal message for each of your soon-to-be 'maids.

Scratch Off Card Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

InklingsPaperie | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Custom Shot Glass

Wouldn't it be fun to get your girls together, pour some shots, and let them find the personalized message on the side of these shot glasses? This customer-favorite shot glass is one of the best ways to ask your friends to be in your bridal party!

Custom Shot Glass Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

HappilyEverEtchedInc | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Personalized Necklaces

This simple and sweet personalized initial necklace is sure to be a winner among your bridesmaids. Something your 'maids can wear at your wedding, and long after the big day, this necklace is the perfect bridesmaid gift!

Personalized Necklaces Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

GeoMinimalist | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Custom Makeup Bag

This is a creative bridesmaid gift is a great way to ask your closest friends because its simple, customizable, a bag for makeup perfect for all of your girls and their cosmetics. It's also perfect for the girls to use on the big wedding day!

Custom Makeup Bag Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

LittleEnglandGifts | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

 "Will you be my bridesmaid?" Proposal Card 

There are so many cards out there, but Etsy is for sure has the best selection when it comes to a wide variety of cards. From passion to humor, Etsy has so many different bridesmaid proposal cards like this one, which is more sentimental.

“Will you be my bridesmaid?” Proposal Card Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Marrygrams | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Coffee Mugs

We can't help but think we would love to give this gift to future bridesmaids! The floral print is adorable, they are affordable gifts, and we admit coffee cups are one of the most functional gifts out there - you can't have enough.

Coffee Mugs Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

WeefersGift | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Bridesmaid Proposal Cookies 

These sweet and fancy proposal cookies will have your friends drooling at sight! There is no better way to ask your friends, and can they refuse such a  yummy treat? We think not!

Proposal Cookies Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

RojosBakery | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Personalized Tote Bag

There is no better way to ask a bridesmaid than with a cute tote bag! They can put all their belongings in the bag on the wedding day and be used over and over again. It also can be personalized with each bridesmaid's name!

Personalized Tote Bag Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

SouthernMySass | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Bridesmaid Card with Humor

This proposal card probably isn't the most sentimental way of asking your friends to be bridesmaids, but it will, for sure, make them laugh! Besides, your need for them on the wedding day to help you pee is, for sure realistic.

Card with Humor Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Bridesmaid

FINCHandHARE | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Custom Champagne Glasses

Champagne glasses are great because you can not only match them to your wedding colors, but you can also personalize them by putting their name on the glass! After you surprise your girls, you can use the glasses to celebrate accordingly and also bring the glass to the "getting ready" part of the wedding for the pictures!

Custom Champagne Glasses Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

LifeWithBeauty | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Custom Gift Bag

A custom bag is always appreciated because you are showing you are willing to go the extra mile to make this moment special. So why not ask your best friends to be in your wedding this bag with some awesome goodies inside?

Custom Gift Bag Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Gracium | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Bridesmaid Proposal Pillow

Now, this is an out of the box but creative bridesmaid proposal idea! Get this super cute and unique gift for your best friend turned bridesmaid, who will always have this pillow as a reminder of how much you care about her!

Pillow Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

ArtTextileByShkrebko | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Custom Bridesmaids Koozie

A proposal custom koozie is a cheap and easy product that can be used time and time again. Asking your friend with something so practical is great so they can have this continuous reminder of the special day they were asked to take part in your wedding!

Custom Bridesmaids Koozie Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

BoneAndDarbyMakersCo | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Bath Bomb

This super cute bath bomb is not only a creative way to ask your girls, but it's a gift your bridesmaids will love to use for those necessary bubble baths to unwind!

Bath Bomb Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

VelvetMoonStudio | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Proposal Puzzle

Your friends will be filled with curiosity while attempting to figure out the message on this pretty, customizable jigsaw puzzle! Just think of their amazement once they finally put it together!

Proposal Puzzle Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

BulRoses | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Custom Booze Label

Place one of these fun labels onto your friend's favorite bottle of booze, and not only will it become a creative way to ask your bridesmaids, but it's a great way to celebrate together!

Custom Booze Label Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

StudioBLabels | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Custom Candle

This candle is an excellent way to propose to your future bridesmaids with cute packaging and a fun surprise inside! Every time they light the candle, they are sure to think of you! Plus, this gift is eco-friendly!

Customizable Candle Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

 Lulusugar | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Bridesmaid Proposal Jewelry

Dainty necklaces are the thing right now, so why not gift your girls with a chic, circular necklace that they can wear over and over again as a bridesmaid proposal gift? We'd be excited if we received something this trendy!

Jewelry Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

PetalandPaperie | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Confetti Poppers

Pop the question to your girls with these fun confetti poppers that will have you and your friends freaking out with excitement. Doesn't this look fun?

Confetti Poppers Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

RelishPrintDesign | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift 

Custom Gift Box

What's fun about this bridesmaid proposal box is each box can be personalized with a name! Then on the inside, it would say, "Will you be my bridesmaid?!"

Custom Gift Box Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

LetsVinylizelt | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Gift with a Secret Message

For those friends who are passionate about wine, this cork that unravels into an unsuspected message for your friends to discover.

Gift with a Secret Message Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Petite25 | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Bin Full of Bridesmaid Swag

Your friends are sure to celebrate when they open this proposal goodie box! The confetti, and the small picture frame, the little bottle of champagne - everything about this bridesmaid gift is going to have your future bridesmaids excited!

Bin Full of Bridesmaid Swag Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

WhiteConfettiBox | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Cosmetic Bag

A cute and functional cosmetic bag is the perfect proposal gift idea! They will open up the bag to see the message "will you be my bridesmaid?" that will for sure to put a smile on their faces whenever they use it! You can also fill the bag with goodies for a fun surprise like bridal skincare such as Penny & Pine! Gift your 'maids transformation oil - that's our favorite!

Custom Cosmetic Bag Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

SymbolicImports | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Personalized Proposal Card

This personalized 'be my bridesmaid' proposal card is perfect! It is simply beautiful and your future' maids will love it as well! What is even more fun about this card is that you can customize the bridal and bridesmaid dresses on the card to match.

Personalized Proposal Card Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

SsasaDesigns | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Wine Glasses

Be sure to ask your bridal party with these wine glasses! Then, your bridesmaids can use them on the special wedding day while getting ready! They are perfect for getting ready photos!

Wine Glass Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

RedLineDesignShop | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Water Bottle

Are you looking for a high-quality bridesmaid's proposal gift? Here is a practical present for any friend who is always on the go, these personalized glass water bottles are the perfect way to ask!

Water Bottle Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

ConfettiMommaParty | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Custom Hangers

Get your bridesmaids these cute hangers they'll not only need to for dresses but will cherish forever, even after they put away their gowns after the wedding.

Customized Hanger Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

WeddingsDecorStudio | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Cute Succulent Plant

This unique gift includes not only a real succulent plant, scented candle but also a funny card! If that isn't enough to propose to your friends, there is also an option to add more gifts.

Succulent Plant Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

TrockandLotus | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Cupcake Mason Jars

Don't you think your friends deserve a sweet treat now and then? These cupcakes in a jar are not only delicious but the perfect proposal idea for your soon to be bridesmaids!

Cupcake Mason Jars Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

SweetSistersCupcake | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Dainty Personalized Bracelet

This is a great way to ask your loved one to be part of your big day! Your bridesmaids will love the bracelet with that cute knot and the individual proposal box. They can wear them for many years to come.

ainty Personalized Bracelet Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

HeavenlyGifts2018 | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Custom T-Shirt

How cute are these cute custom shirts! How else to ask your bridal party to be in the wedding?

Custom T-Shirt Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

ShopatBash | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Bridesmaid Jacket

Want to splurge a little bit on your friends? Get them their very own personalized denim jacket to rock at the bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Bridesmaid Jacket Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

SunnyShopByOlesea | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Christmas Ornament

There is no better time to ask your bridal party than during the Holidays! Gift them with this bridesmaid proposal ornament so they can have a lovely keepsake to hang it on their tree remember for years to come.

Christmas Ornament Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

BashHouse | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Personalized Pajamas

These perfectly personalized pajamas are great for a bridesmaid proposal because the girls can wear them for an overnight bachelorette party or the day of the wedding!

Personalized Pajamas Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

LeRoseGifts | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Mini Champagne Labels

Our customized “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” labels are the perfect gift for your bridesmaids who love to celebrate with champagne. Then after, you can all celebrate and pop that champagne.

Mini Champagne Labels Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

LabelwithLove | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Spa Products

From helping with the wedding planning to the wedding dress, try on's, hair appointments, and the bachelorette party - a lot is going on and it can be stressful! This sentimental gift will help your bridesmaids stay stress-free and relaxed throughout the entire process.

Spa Products Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

WhiteConfettiBox | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Pom Pom Necklace

This fun and cute pom pom necklaces are a fun way to ask that your future 'maids! What girl wouldn't want this fun gift from Paris?

Pom Pom Necklace Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

PamelaLoops Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Hair Ties

We love these hair ties because not only are they simple, inexpensive, and something your future 'maids will be able to use, but you can customize them! Who doesn't love cute hair ties?

Hair Ties Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

PlumPolkaDot | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Engraved Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Bridesmaid proposal boxes are perfect for your' maids to safely store all of their bridesmaid items before the wedding day, plus, you can add something a little special to the proposal box.

Engraved Proposal Box Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

FlowertownWeddings | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Floral Robes

Get your girls stylish robes that are excellent bridesmaid asking gifts. Your bridesmaids will love these robes when they're getting ready for your big wedding day!

Kennedy Blue Robes Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Kennedy Blue | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Cute Mini Piñatas

It's not a party unless there's a mini piñata! Your friends will be so excited about this gift when they pull on the string to reveal the exciting surprise inside!

Cute Mini Piñatas Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

LulaFlora | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Ring Dish

Get a gorgeous ring dish, an excellent product for holding your bridesmaid's jewelry and a beautiful way to add a personal touch to the bridesmaid proposal.

Ring Dish Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

StargazerHomeDecor | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift


Tumblers make an excellent gift for your friends who are always on the go. Your friends will think of you every time they use it! The gift is a cute, useful, practical gift idea!

Tumbler Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

DecoratedBliss | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Want to Ask Your Maid of Honor with a Special Proposal?

She's your best friend, family, and your number one person you can think of when it comes to having that one person by your side. Once you've decided on who you want to hold that honor of being maid of honor, it's time to ask "will you be my maid of honor?" Most people want to show this person how much they mean to you with something more fun and creative, so instead of coming up with a list of items - we think it is essential to let you know that any of these bridesmaid proposal gifts are just as unique.


Any idea on how you would ask your bridesmaids? We know how hard it is to pick a favorite way to ask, so please leave a comment below and tell us which "will you be my bridesmaid?" gift was your fave or if you have an idea of your own! Leave a comment, and once you've checked out all of these excellent proposal gift options, head on over and start browsing our bridal collections for some more wedding inspiration you'll love!

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I can’t wait to use these!

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Katelynn Schadt
July 31, 2020 10:15

These ideas are so creative cute and fun. The different ideas were very helpful and are simple to do.

Katelynn Schadt
July 31, 2020 10:15

These ideas are so creative cute and fun. The different ideas were very helpful and are simple to do.

Katelynn Schadt
July 31, 2020 10:15

These ideas are so creative cute and fun. The different ideas were very helpful and are simple to do.

Katelynn Schadt
July 31, 2020 10:15

These ideas are so creative cute and fun. The different ideas were very helpful and are simple to do.

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The cookie idea is adorable! Doing this with my briedesmaid. Check out your local bakers on Facebook and Instagram. There are so many around me I didn’t know existed and I’m happy to support local business (:

April 03, 2020 13:57

These were such cute ideas!!!! I just got the cutest box in the mail from my BFB (best friend bride) and it was from an Etsy shop, I loved that she supported small businesses during this hard time!

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