The Silk Cravat vs. the Wedding Tie: Which Suits Your Groomswear Style?

The Silk Cravat vs. the Wedding Tie: Which Suits Your Groomswear Style?
Sometimes it feels like brides get to have all of the fun. With all of those dresses to choose from, they have plenty of ways to show off their personal style. Fear not, gentlemen! Groomswear can be fun, too.  Take neckwear, for instance. Will you be wearing a silk cravat or a wedding tie on your big day? Not quite sure what I’m even talking about? Below are a few tips to help you with your fashion decision.

 Dessy Silk Cravat

Feel sophisticated in a silk cravat!

This tie is fit for a king – literally! The silk cravat dates back to 1630 and was worn by the military of Croatia. A few kings tried on the scarf throughout the years, starting a fashion trend that still makes men feel smooth and sophisticated. This luxurious neckwear is a good choice for grooms and their groomsmen who want to keep their wedding style traditional, but still add a pop of color to their groomswear. The loose tie is both comfortable and classic. Your sweetheart will appreciate the romantic touch it adds to any suit or tuxedo.

Intimidated by the fancy knot? No worries, guys. Many come pre-tied and ready to go. If not, just take the time to learn the technique before the big day, and you’ll be looking classy at the end of the aisle.

Tie your look together with a wedding tie!

The classic tie is actually a descendant of the silk cravat, just a little more casual. Neckties may be a good option for your wedding day outfit if you’re going for a more modern look. They’re usually less expensive, and there are more colors and patterns to choose from. Neckties are a great way to express yourself, just remember to stay within the realms of your wedding colors. Another great thing about the wedding tie is that you can wear it again! Check out our Kennedy Blue neckties, and you’ll find some colorful options to wear to your wedding, and then to the office on Monday.
 Kennedy Blue Wedding Tie  Kennedy Blue Bow Tie for Groomswear

How to determine your groomswear getup:

Now that you know your options, how do you make the big decision? Just remember to go with what suits your personal style. You want to feel confident on your wedding day, and something as simple as neckwear can make all the difference. Personally, I love a good bow tie. They’re quirky, yet dashing, and they make for a fashionable groomswear getup! Still undecided? Stop by the Wedding Shoppe and try on all three!

What’s your favorite type of wedding neckwear? Is there another way you’re personalizing your wedding look? Let us know in a comment below!

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