The Search for the Perfect Mother of the Bride Gift Made Easy

The Search for the Perfect Mother of the Bride Gift Made Easy
*note: through an affiliate program, we earn a small commission when a purchase is made through our blogs; this does not affect the price paid for the items in this blog Now that the wedding has come and gone, you finally feel free to kick back, relax, and enjoy your title as the new missus. But no happily ever after is complete without writing out thank you notes to those who helped make your dream wedding possible! One of the more important guests you should never forget to thank is the mother of the bride. A mother of the bride gift can be one of the more daunting gifts. You want it special, unique, and something close to her heart. Need a leg up? Read on…

How to Find the Perfect Mother of the Bride Gift

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What does a newly-wedded couple give a bride’s mom? She has been with you every step of the way. She knew best when to step back. But she also knew when to offer her help (even when you were too embarrassed to ask for it!) This guide is a treasure trove of tips on choosing the perfect mother of the bride gift for even the pickiest of mums.

Tips on Choosing the Best Mother of the Bride Gift

1. Make a list of all her favorite things

Before heading out to the mall or going crazy picking out stuff online, list down her favorite foods, hobbies, tv shows, movies, books … having them all on paper will help you narrow down a few great ideas that are sure to please. A list paints a picture of a person’s preferences. It also let’s you know what other items she is most likely to pick out on her next purchase

2. Consider items she already owns

Listing down items she already owns isn’t so much to avoid buying items she already has. It serves as a guide to what her preferences are. Are her items part of a collection? Is it an appliance that feature accessories? This will give your great insight into what she looks for when she does her own shopping.

3. Search through her Pinterest and Facebook

A quick perusal through her Pinterest boards or even Facebook page can reveal so much. Does she have a number of recipe videos saved? How about a board dedicated to clothing and accessories? Social media does a great job at profiling a person’s likes! (Thank you, Pinterest!)

4. Consider getting gifts that represents an inside joke that you have with her or a sentimental memory

Sentimental gifts are best when they are directly linked to memories and moments. It may not make sense to other people, but it will certainly elicit a happy memory if it represents a great experience. For instance, a great mother of the bride gift could be a classic children’s book she loved to read out loud to her kids when they were little! Or you could get her a funny giant faux fountain pen – since she always loses hers!

Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas

We’ve done the homework for you! This list has got some major inspiration that mothers of the bride will surely appreciate. We give you the liberty to let your creative juices run wild. Customize these gift as you see fit to make it extra special.

1. A Wedding Album

Wedding albums usually come as a single copy. Why not have two printed out and give the other as a thank you present? Weddings are as much a mother of the bride’s as it is her daughter's. After all, it’s a milestone for her too! Mothers of the bride will love to have the same album to look at and reminisce! Is the mother of the bride a techie? Get her a digital album or an electronic plug and play picture frame. Gifts that bring back memories are worth a million in anyone’s book.

2. Jewelry

Lame as it may sound, but jewelry is a gift that will be cherished for years to come. Gifts of jewelry need not be expensive. Choose a design that reflects her personality? Is she a fan of modern art? Does she love bold shades? For cute and classy, try this beautiful necklace from Etsy. There are so many designs to choose from, you’d really want to take your time to check each one out for the perfect piece! gold necklace | the search for mother of the bride gifts made easy

3. Home Decor

When a girl becomes wife and homemaker, her love for houseware and home décor goes through the roof! That love doesn’t diminish as the years go by! So consider framing photographs of the mother of the bride with the couple or a gorgeous picture of the bride with her mom in a pretty frame! (This plus a copy of the wedding album make for an exceptional combo!) picture frame for mother of the bride | the search for mother of the bride gifts made easy

4. Drinkware

You can never have enough of those cute mugs and glasses especially when those items represent something dear! Mugs and glasses for display or everyday use make great gifts because they tend to be seen daily! These would never end up in the donation box! mother of the bride cup | the search for mother of the bride gifts made easy mother of the bride cup | the search for mother of the bride gifts made easy

5. Chocolate

We hardly know people who don’t love chocolate! Everyone simply loves them. Look up for the best chocolatier in town and get this piece of heaven as a mother of the bride gift.

6. Candles

Candles! Scented candles make a great mother of the bride gift because it lasts a long time and smells great. Buy one off the rack or have one personalized. Bespoke gifts always make any gift extra special.

mother of the bride candle | the search for mother of the bride gifts made easy

7. Skincare Sets

We personally love skincare sets because gifts like these show you care. As everyone’s skin is different, give a brand that is both natural and designed for all skin types. This makes not just a perfect mother of the bride gift. It also makes heartfelt thank you gift as well!

Penny & Pine Glow Up! Kit | The Search for the Perfect Mother of the Bride Gift Made Easy

8. Beauty Sets

Women love free beauty products! And mind you, this does NOT diminish with age! Women of all ages love to doll up. So why not give an exciting gift from Sephora for her to try out!

9. Spa Day

Nobody skips spa day! Consider sending her a gift card to the best spa in town! Better yet, send her an at-home spa day package from Lush or Bath and Body Works! Feeling a little generous? Select a package that would allow her to take her best bud or her daughter. It’s a wonderful opportunity for her to unwind and relax after months of preparation. Mother of the bride corsage | The Search for the Perfect Mother of the Bride Gift Made Easy Mothers of the bride lovingly take the back seat. If there’s anyone who wants the bride to shine on her big day, it is her. Take this opportunity to let her know that she is loved and cherished by the couple. A mother of the bride gift need not break the bank to be special! All it needs to be truly extraordinary is for it to come from the heart! Did we miss out on a present that could make for the perfect mother of the bride gift? Write us in the comments below! We would love to hear from you!

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