What is the Right Summer Wedding Guest Attire?

What is the Right Summer Wedding Guest Attire?
Receiving an invitation to a wedding is always exciting, until you start thinking about what you’re going to wear! It can be hard to determine what to wear when a wedding invitation says dress for a garden party, or even what the appropriate summer wedding guest attire is. Don’t worry, friend. We’re here to help. It’s actually a lot easier than it seems.

Summer wedding guest attire by After Six

Wedding guest attire: Things to consider.

No matter what time of the year the event you’re attending is in, the first thing you want to consider when figuring out what to wear is what time of the day is the wedding at. There is a huge difference between what you wear to a morning, daytime, or evening wedding. Unless the invitation says a specific dress code, it’s safe to assume that you should never wear jeans. I’m sorry. As common place as it is to wear jeans for most occasions these days, weddings are still something you gussy yourself up for. Your wedding guest attire for a morning or midday wedding can be pretty casual. Think summer dresses, tan trousers, polo shirts, and cute skirts. If the ceremony is mid-afternoon or evening, then we have some fancying up to do!

Women: what to wear when a wedding invitation says dress for a garden party or evening ceremony.

Ladies, it’s pretty safe to say that your wedding guest attire problems are easily solved by putting on a cute dress or skirt. Choose something demure, cute, fun, or comfortable. Several of our bridal party dresses here at the Shoppe can double well as summer wedding guest attire. The key is to choose an outfit that is fancier than what you would normally wear on a non-work day.
Wedding Guest attire for the ladies What to wear when a wedding invitation says dress for a garden party

A gentlemen’s guide to summer wedding guest attire.

Alright, fellas. I know you’re not going to be happy when I tell you that shorts are a huge no-no for wearing to a wedding. I know it might be outdoors and over eighty degrees, but it’s just not cool to show up in shorts. We have a great alternative for you: linen. Linen is an all natural fiber that allows your skin to breathe and look great on you. Huge bonus: a good pair of linen pants almost feels like wearing pajamas. You’re welcome.

wedding guest attire for the fellas

In the end, if you’re still confused on your wedding guest attire, ask the bride or mother of the bride. I’m pretty sure they’ll have a good idea of what they think is appropriate for their event.

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This is a very helpful blog. And I love the dresses pictured!

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Love that first dress!! So cute!

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