The Honeymoon: Go Big, Go Small, or Not Go at All?

Featured Bride Mary L. Wedding Location: Braham, MN | Wedding Date: October 1, 2011

The honeymoon: Go big, go small, or not go at all?

A question I’ve been getting since Tim and I got engaged is: "Where are you going to spend your honeymoon?" Some people do extravagant trips, others stay close to home, and some people don’t go on one at all--and that is totally ok! Every couple has their ideal honeymoon. Some people like to go to relaxing places, such as a beach, or an all-inclusive resort. Tim and me are theme park people. Fast rides? Deep fried food? Count us in! Just remember, your honeymoon shouldn’t be about where you go, but who you go there with. Any place can be romantic and special when you are there with the person you love. At first, Tim and I were thinking we would like to have a short, close-to-home honeymoon, because it would be a cheaper alternative than taking a big trip (or so we thought).  We both love the Duluth area, so we thought about going to a cute bed and breakfast we learned about when we did our engagement pictures last fall. But there was a little voice in our heads telling us we should want more. Last March, we visited Disney World in Florida with my parents. It was my second time there, Tim’s first. He loved it; I knew I already loved it. We did a six day, five night stay and visited all the parks.  Even before we got home, we both told each other we just had to go back.  Are you connecting the dots yet?! Then we really got to thinking. Tim asked if I knew how much our trip cost last spring when we went with my parents (I did). He said, “So technically we should be able to do it for half that, right?” I replied “Well, we wouldn’t have to do as many ‘fancy’ dinners.”

Disney, here we come!

That got the ball rolling! He said that, if we could do the trip for half of what we paid last spring, we could seriously consider it! Tim hadn’t really been involved with looking at prices for our honeymoon (he had delegated that to me), so I hopped on my laptop. As I started investigating prices at Disney World, I made some surprising discoveries.  We planned on doing a three night stay at a resort up on the North Shore, and looked into a six day, five night stay at Disney. When I broke it down to price per day, it was surprisingly close. It was just a bit more per day to go to Disney, but that included airfare, hotel, and our park passes, as opposed to just our hotel stay and one meal at the resort on the North Shore.  I was beaming! I kept getting letters in the mail from Chase to apply for their Disney Rewards Visa. It offered six months 0% interest financing on any Disney Vacation, plus a free $150 Disney gift card. I had joked with Tim and told him I wanted a pre-nup saying that if we didn’t go back to Disney World within two years of our wedding, we would have to get a divorce. (I was totally kidding about this, which he knew, but it was fun for us to joke about it!) This offer seemed like a golden ticket! I approached Tim with the idea of going back to Disney World for our honeymoon, if we were approved for the card.  He agreed, so I sent off the application and we waited. Shortly after, we got the approval and cards in the mail! Our dreams were coming true! I had priced out the trip, and it met our requirements of being below half of what we spent going last year. We watched the trip for a while, because airfare kept going down, and then booked it! We’re counting the days until our wedding and now counting down until we leave to go back to “the happiest place on earth”! Other Posts You’ll Love: Picking Your Wedding Flowers Finding “THE” Dress Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses Choosing Your Wedding Photographer
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Nikki Jilek
May 16, 2019 06:50

Hey, we just got married and I was a blogger on here too :-) My advice to you…….ya gotta go on a fun honeymoon. There are ways to make it affordable, as you guys have found already. It’s a once in a life time thing and honestly it was the best week ever, not to plan a thing and just enjoy time together. Find fun ways to save. We went to Mexico and someone let us use their time share. We then bought groceries for lunches and breakfast’s and ate out every night. It was awesome, and we aren’t huge drinkers so that saved us a ton, too. Hope you guys have a blast!!

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